Self-Care Strategies: 21 through 25

I am on mission to gather 50 strategies for taking care of myself…for saying yes to me.  Some of the strategies, I am testing as the week passes; others, I let sit in reserve for moments when I crave refueling.

21.  Indulge in musical moments.  Currently, I am on an Etta James kick.  Woman’s got curves and a voice that leads me into a place of beauty.

22.  Turn up the joy.  I have noticed that I can sometimes fall into the pits when things start looking down.  Spend much time watching the news or getting caught up in the sorrows of the day, and I can sing woe-is-me with the best of them.  When I find myself headed down that road, I ask myself two questions.  1) Is the problem at hand something I can and want to do something about?  2)  What would it be like to let go of my inclination to get down because of this and to be joyful in its presence?  Once my mind explores those two questions, I sometimes find myself turning up the joy in spite of adversity.

23.  Go to the water.  I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, but it wasn’t until the last several years that I realized how it could bring me renewal.  A few days ago, I escaped the callings of my scheduled routine and treated myself to an impromptu waterside picnic.

24.  Resist assumptions.  Last week after an interaction with a friend, I began to worry about her.  I was afraid she had been offended by something that happened that really had nothing to do with me.  But still, as people will do, I worried.  This week she shared with me that what might have been an uncomfortable and awkward situation was actually a blessing for her.  When I resist assumption, I can avoid unnecessary worry.

25.  Break the rules.  I don’t know exactly how they got in there, but my mind is crammed full of detailed lists that describe how things should be done.  This is how one navigates through a parking lot.  This is the correct way to wash a pot or to interact with wait staff.  In this situation, one must do this, and in this circumstance, resort to that.  What freedom there is in messing with those self-imposed rules once in a while!

What are some of the ways you take care of yourself?

Drop me a few inspiring ideas in the comments?


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