Self-Care Strategies 26 through 30

Needing to get out of a funk? Wanna invest in the quality of your life? Feel free to join me in creating a list of ways to practice self-care and self-love.  I started this earlier in the Summer and have found that it is helping me deal with stress and some of the difficulties life can bring my way.  It is the perfect way to increase your ability to be resilient.  Practicing the self-care strategies has helped my busy Summer still feel like I have made time for retreat.

26.  Fake it til ya make it.  This has been a great strategy for me.  When there is a place in my life where I want to grow, I dive in like I know what I am doing.  Often, if I find a person who has mastered the skill I am looking to try out, I study their way of being with that skill.  Then, I play the part I have learned from them.  Earlier this Summer, I wanted to plant a garden.  I had been WANTing to for years.  But this year, I decided to do it.  I visited with a few people who were comfortable with gardening, then I headed to the garden center and got what I needed (just like I knew what I was doing).  When I came home, I dove into the dirt.  And before I knew it, they took root.  Sure, they didn’t all make it, but several of them did.  And now, I can say I have planted an herb garden!

27.  Sleep in.  Just coming out of grad school, I have had a habit of sleeping quick and jumping up as soon as my eyes first opened in the morning.  I had this feeling that I must always be on the go.  Now that school is over, and I feel the importance of taking care of myself more, I have been creating more slow mornings for myself.  I try to be present in the bed as I am going to sleep and waking.  I search for the places where my body touches the sheets, feel the nest of pillow cradling my head, and allow myself to grow ever more peaceful in the comfort of my room.

28.  Make a list and check it twice.  Sometimes getting to sleep is the hardest part of my day.  My mind reels with things to remember, problems to work out, or possibilities so exhilarating that I race ahead to the future to live in them.  I have found that making a list of things that are floating around in my head can help me to quiet my mind at night when I need sleep.  I keep a small journal by the bed which waits patiently for my thoughts.

29. Create a media fast.  Five years ago when my hubby and I got married, we decided not to get cable.  We mostly watched video and dvd’s.  Then the tv broke.  We decided to try not having a tv for awhile.  Now here we are, no tv.  But these days the Internet is as interesting as tv.  So I have been playing with the idea of a media fast.  I think taking a break from the habitual checking of emails and social network sites might encourage more Real World connections, including connecting with MYSELF.

30.  Blend it up.  Over the last year, I have been experimenting with making Green Smoothies.  This has become my favorite breakfast.  Green Smoothies are basically greens blended with fruits and water.  Now you can spruce them up to make them satisfy your taste buds.  I fill the blender up with the goodies at night, throw some ice in the mixture in the morning, and let her rip.  Pour it into a travel cup or mason jar, fill the blender up with water to soak, and I am off to work.  I sip on it as I start the day.  I feel energized and have a real sense of taking care of myself at the start of my busy day.


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