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Storyteller’s Daughter

I love a good story. And Halloween stories or spooky stories are some of my favorite.  Even as a kid, those were the stories my family told as we circled up in an attempt to entertain one another.  My dad … Continue reading

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A Halloween Treat

My favorite Halloween video.  Hope you enjoy it. It was the winner of the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival for Best Short Film and Best Concept.  It is a reminder not to take life or death for granted….or too seriously!

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A Gypsy Girl’s Practical Magic

When I was a little girl of about 6, my mother dressed me up as a Gypsy for Halloween. I remember walking down our long, winding street in the multi-colored dress with bangles, ribbons in my hair and a necklace that wrapped around my neck at least three times and hung down to my little waist. That was the day I started believing in magic. I believed because those simple items transformed me. After that day, I felt connected with the free spirit that we associate with The Gypsy. For those few hours that we scurried around, I was a world traveler. I was a nomad with a caravan full of mystery.

Even when I took the clothes off, I never lost that little gypsy inside me. What is ironic though is that I have never left my hometown to live somewhere else. My inner gypsy keeps telling me we will, but my South Texas roots are strong.

That is why the trek to Oregon and Washington felt so freeing to me. I let my gypsy girl out to roam. And she took me to some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Continue reading

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Sweet Little Thing Called…Life

Dear Body, I hear you talking…in your quiet way.  Whispering of changes to come.  Your voice is sure and direction clear.  I feel what once was slipping away. And I am relieved.  I am your servant.  A dedicated follower to … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to ssssSHED?

Jamie Ridler presents us each mid-week with the wish makers’ list called Wishcasting Wednesday. She conjures up a journal prompt designed to invite transformation. Anyone can join and play along by offering what changes they would like to see in … Continue reading

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween Week.  Here’s a little something to set the mood!

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Vasalissa and Baba Yaga: Engaging Intuition

  Do you like scary stories?  This is one of my favorite.  The characters and imagery are rich with lessons beyond the obvious warning to children not to wander into the woods alone.  This story is about the innate inner … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time

As Fall creeps up, the nights grow longer, and I am called into the dark garden within. There I am discovering the treasures of myself. Some are hidden in shadows, others glisten in the light of my curiosity. Once upon … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dream Board: Harvest Moon

As I introduce my dream board for the Full October Harvest Moon, I am reminded to live fully.  As I have grown into a woman from a girl, I have regularly worked on the inner to help cultivate the woman … Continue reading

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Around the House

With my mind focused on reorganizing the house, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with what there is to do.

So I decided to turn my frown upside down by searching for the bright side…or maybe I should say bright spots.

Here is a collection of my favorite areas of the house. Continue reading

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