A Gypsy Girl’s Practical Magic

When I was a little girl of about 6, my mother dressed me up as a Gypsy for Halloween.  I remember walking down our long, winding street in the multi-colored dress with bangles up my tiny arms and ribbons in my hair. One of my mother’s necklaces wrapped around my neck at least three times and hung down to my little waist.  That was the day I started believing in magic.  I believed because those simple items transformed me.  After that day, I felt connected with the free spirit that we associate with The Gypsy.  For those few hours that we scurried around, I was a world traveler.  I was a nomad with a caravan full of mystery.

Even when I took the clothes off, I never lost that little gypsy inside me. What is ironic though is that I have never left my hometown to live somewhere else.  My inner gypsy keeps telling me we will, but my South Texas roots are strong.

That is why the trek to Oregon and Washington that I took at the end of September felt so freeing to me. I let my gypsy girl out to roam. And she took me to some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

It was perfect timing for the Practical Magic Blog Party, an event I discovered just before the trip which celebrates the movie and book by the same name.  I took the opportunity to take a quick trip up to the town (Coupeville, WA) where part of the movie was filmed.  But I wasn’t just interested in the story about the making of story, I was interested in how the characters in the movie might have engaged magic in a practical way.

The two aunts in the movie (Frannie and Jet played by Stockard Channing and Dianne Weist) have a certain quality about them that makes me feel like they have lived long, full lives.  In some ways they remind me of that part of myself that feels like a Gypsy.  That part is more than someone who wanders.  She is adventurous, creative, self-expressive, loving, free spirited and connected with those around her.  Like my little gypsy, Frannie and Jet play an important role in their community.  For me, I have been in the role of witness to the transformation in the lives of my friends, family, and clients, often assisting in setting a tone for the change they wish to engage in their lives….assisting in optimizing the vitality that is available to each of us.  I wanted to explore how that plays out in the movie, but also how the actual place where the movie was filmed might influence better living.  How might this little town bring vitality to ones life?  How might the kind of lifestyle lived in Coupeville lend to the vitality and wellness discovered in Francis and Jet?

Here’s what I think….

About Rachél

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2 Responses to A Gypsy Girl’s Practical Magic

  1. Grace says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the video to play. But I love both actresses and I’m sure its a great piece! 🙂

    I’m 53, Rae, and I’ve moved no less than 17 times in my life. LOL Do you think there might be some Gypsy Woman in me???

    What you say here is so true – Being a Gypsy it’s not about physically moving…it’s about that certain way that one’s ENERGY moves!

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