FIVE Not-So-Secret Steps to Awesome Collage

One of the things that has made my blogging experience so amazing is interacting with the cool people who drop by. This morning I found a comment from Maggie Jordan asking about the images on Art of Collecting Yourself.  It put a big smile on my face! This is what she wrote.

Hi Rae,
I have been drawn to the collage world as of late and would love to learn how to do your collage visuals that grace your blog entries… you have a step by step method or can suggest where I could go to learn… 5 easy steps of course hahahahaha….love your site. blessings. Maggie

What a great way to start my day!  And what a great opportunity to share my not-so-secret process for developing the images on the site.  And as it just so happens, there are exactly 5 easy steps, just as Maggie suggested.

But before I share the steps to creating your own collage images the way I do, I feel obligated to preface it with… A WARNING! The process I am about to share with you is….ADDICTIVE.

My Step by Step Guide

Step # 1:  POLYVORE GALORE:  The first step to creating collage images like mine is to head over to a site called Polyvore. Setting up an account is super easy, especially if you have FaceBook.  If I remember correctly, you can use FB to sign up.

Step #2:  I SPY:  The second thing to do is to take a look around.  For me, Polyvore isn’t the most user-friendly site, but with a bit of patience, you can figure most of it out.  And once you do, if you are like me, you will see that it is completely worth riding out the  learning curve.  You are most likely to see that you have a profile page that will eventually feature your own collages…or sets as they are called in the Poly-verse.  And then if you want to see what others are creating, hit the EXPLORE button at the top of the page.  You will find three basic categories: fashion, interior design, and art & expression (that’s how I roll).

Step #3 CREATE:  Once you get your bearings on the larger site, it is time to get down to the business of creating your own collages.  Next to explore, you will see  a CREATE button.  Push that and a list will offer you the option to create a SET.  The first part to creating a set is collecting some of the things you might like to have in your set.  I often start with a search for a background.  To the right, you will find the search area, to the left, for lack of a better word, your canvas.  As you do your searches, you will come across items that you like, click on the item and either add to your set or save to your items….or both. At the top right hand corner of the search box, there is a number box.  It will start off with #1.  Hit the arrow to page through the search results.  Once you have some items that you want to work with, you can arrange them in a way that pleases you.  The left half of the page allows for copying (clone), pushing layering (forward and backward), flipping and flopping, and even some editing (found under background and then by going to custom).  You can find your saved items by clicking tabs on the right hand side.  If you ever have to leave a work before publishing it, hit draft and find it next time under the tab section.  When you are done, PUBLISH.  The options are endless!

Step #4:  EMBED IT:  Once you have published, you will notice an embed button to the right of your image.  Click it for the HTML.  Then add it to your blogs.

Step #5:  CONTACTS:  You will notice once you have published, that you have a heart next to your artwork showing that someone likes you.  That is a robot that Polyvore created to help you find your way around and get to know things a bit better.  But don’t be surprised if others don’t occasionally find their way to your images.  And if that connection is desirable to you, hop around liking the work of others, they almost always will like your work back.  You can also collect contacts…look for ADD AS CONTACT under their names.  You might also enjoy joining a GROUP. These can be fun ways to get inspiration.

I hope you find this helpful.  If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.  I am still finding my way around Polyvore.  Let me know below if you decide to risk the addiction! Oh, and please feel free to add me as a contact.…I would LOVE to see what you create!

Did you know you can click on most of my collage images to find your way to my POLYVORE page?

Here’s a bit more about my Polyvore Collages.

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  1. I love, love, love Polyvore. They have everything one needs to make a digital collage. This is my polyvore site ~ link.

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