Dark Side Art

A big portion of my art featured so far has been created using the technology of Polyvore.   Polyvore is an interesting universe where lovers of visual culture come together to spin images found on the net into new creation.  It is a meme in it purity.  A meme is an idea that spreads from one person to another, morphing and taking on a life of it’s own as it does.

One of the fun elements offered on Polyvore is the opportunity to be a part of a group and to participate in the group’s contests. (By the way, I won my first contest today. And my hubby took first place.)  I recently became part of The Artist Guild.  It is a group that is interested in creating works of art.  It took my Polyvore product to a new place.  Instead of designing according to what I might be saying on my blog, I found that I was stretching myself to express what is inside or to comment on what I observe in my day to day life.  That is, after all, what art is about.

This led to a series of sets that aren’t so sweet…not inspiring in the same way that some of my stuff has been. It became an invitation to express something of my Shadow Side, my darker nature, the ideas that don’t necessary come up in the polite conversation of the corner I have carved out in the blogosphere.  None the less, they represent a part of my voice, an important part and a side that I am happy to share with those who make their way here.

Dark Side Art

Eye'm Sure

Eye’m Sure by Rashamaria featuring tops

I wonder if there are parts of your voice that you tuck away from the world and how you might be different if you allowed those unspoken truths to be expressed.  I know for me personally it is liberating.


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5 Responses to Dark Side Art

  1. maggie J says:

    I too am experiencing a new found freedom with Polyvore. I can have my thoughts and use the Polyvore tools to transform these thoughts almost immediately into visual representations. I have also used this exercise as a catapult into creating a painting….wonderful energy! Your images are deep and full of interpretions, and Hubby’s are good too!
    Looking forward to more surges of thought….and art.

  2. I have begun writing about my dark side …. here

  3. I’ve only expressed my dark side in one painting to date, I wish I could express more.
    Thank you for having the courage to do this and share it.

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