What’s Your Wellness Mood?

Welcome to Week Two of the Celebration of Wellness.

If you have been following the blog thread of individuals playing with their wellness, you’ll see a lot of assessment going on.  As we move through February, we are taking a moment to soak in life as it is, in the present moment.  You often need to know where you are before you can figure out where you want to go, and this can give the journey more meaning once you get where you are going and can look back to where you have been.  Dizzy yet?

The Background for This Week’s Art-ivity:

In early February as I was preparing for the nine month blogging series ahead, I struggled to find a way for The Creatives (that’s us) to explore and then communicate to one another how we feel about the various aspects of wellness that are present on the Wheel of Wellness.  What is our level of well-being?  What area of the wheel do we feel most comfortable with?  Where do we wish to grow? Creating a question and answer survey would be easy.  But doing something so sterile is not what The Art of Collecting Yourself is about.  This is a place for creativity.

About that time, I came across a Huffington Post article which introduced a year’s worth of  research gathered by a team headed by computer scientist Alan Mislove and from Twitter messages that reflected the mood of the senders.  The research was based in the U.S., but that is not a fact pertinent to how I would like for us to use it.  (I know the readership for this blog is becoming more and more geocentric.  And I hope to always honor that in my perspective.)

The research mapped the mood of the U.S by assigning a color to a mood and then showing how the mood of various regions shifted over the course of the day.  Here is a video showing the data (note…that sounds really boring, but I find the way they presented it to be really creative…so thumbs up!)

Wellness Mood Map

This Week’s Wellness Art-vity: Wellness Mood Map

Using the Twitter Mood Map as your inspiration, consider the dynamic mood of each region of the Wheel of Wellness  and create a project which shows your current state of well-being in each of the zones. Remember that you can utilize any form of self-expression and any medium that you wish.   Return Friday to post your findings.

(If you haven’t had a chance, take a peek at last week’s Mr. Linky for late-comer time capsules. I will be working on my Mood Map over the next couple of days and look forward to sharing it and seeing yours Friday.)

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