Show and Tell: Weekly Wellness Practice

Earlier this week I posted a prompt for the Celebration of Wellness Blog Party.  This week our group began exploring the Wheel of Wellness  by stepping into the zone of Spiritual Wellness.  Up until this point in the Celebration of Wellness, we have been assessing our general personal level of wellness.  The Wellness Art-ivity links us with our spirituality, asking us to honor our spiritual growth by creating a daily practice which connects us to our desire to grow our wellness.

from Monday’s post…The Week’s Wellness Art-ivity: A Weekly Practice

For this week’s art-ivity, I am inviting you to create a daily practice which reminds you of the wellness journey you are on.  Make it as simple or complex as you like.  There is no wrong or right way to do it.  Let your blog somehow document your practice…tell us about it, show it to us, or explain how it has effected you.

Post a link to your blog response in the comments below.

My Weekly Wellness Practice: The Medicine Cradle

Just over a decade ago, I took on a two year commitment to a spiritual practice called the Medicine Cradle.  The Cradle was a prayer basket which was open during seasonal gatherings for women to offer their intentions in the form of prayer objects for transformation in their lives, the lives of their families, or for the Earth in general.  It was the most powerful spiritual journey of my life thus far.  I saw first hand the power of prayer.  A woman placed her prayer in the basket and when she came to the Cradle in the next season, she often reported a significant shift.

After the two year commitment came to a close, I continued to sit with the Cradle in times of need.  Focusing on it assisted me in healing the loss of loved ones, overcome personal struggle, and finding relief from chronic pain.  My Cradle has changed quite a bit over the years, but the essence of it remains.  It provides a space for transformation.

This week as I pulled Cradle close to me, I was reminded of the two years I dedicated myself to the hopes and dreams of the women who joined me in ceremony.  I remembered the resiliency of the human spirit, the amazing sense of unity that I shared with those of my gender, and to the connectedness to a greater feminine energy.  I found myself soaking in these memories and as I did, I felt centered and grounded.

One of the components of my current Cradle that has become important to me is a small fluorite heart that fits in the palm of my hand.  I have been holding this little stone and meditating.  The heart is a great teacher…wise and willing to guide us as we are ready.  I want to continue this practice over the course of the month, as a way of fine-tuning my spiritual life.

As I was shaping this blog entry, I had what felt like a synchonicity.  I often listen to Pandora Radio.  Natalie Merchant’s haunting voice sang of being cradled by the Motherland.  This song will accompany me through the month as well.

More Wellness Art-ivities: Each of the links below will take you to the Wellness Art-ivities to date.  One these pages you can find links to other blogs featuring their responses to the wellness prompts. We are growing a community and so glad you are part of it.

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8 Responses to Show and Tell: Weekly Wellness Practice

  1. What a beautiful practice! I’m new here and am delighted to have discovered you and your invitation to journey on the wellness wheel. Count me in as a sister traveler.

    • Rae says:

      Deborah, thank you for sharing your Wellness Practices with us. I spent some time on your blog site. Welcome to the Party!

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  3. Good Morning to all and I thank you for starting our whell with our spirituality first. I found such a lightness about me this morning as I worked on this one.

  4. maggie J says:

    I enjoyed the last week discovering the many organic forms of daily practise I bring close in my life. There is room for lots more!!! Thank you for the Wheel of Wellness Rae.

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