First Dates and Life Mates

When I first got into the art scene, I was all about finding my voice, expressing my inner feelings, and encouraging other women to embrace their creativity. The artist I hung out with were women.  The subject matter was mostly feminist or at least feminine.  And most of the Masters I studied were women.

Feminist and feminine art is still a priority for me. I dig hanging out with women, in person or over the Net, and supporting the budding of what wants to be expressed inside.  But along the way, I came to value the male perspective in art.   And to value being in community with men who have something to say using it.

I try to keep this blog on the balancing line between the genders.  Of course, my own gender probably influences a female perspective…as it should…but I hope to always provide enough acceptance that anyone feels that they could fit in.

You may wonder what brought all of this on.  Well, today, I found a pingback for two of my articles on a blog post called Spring Dreams by Sarah Barbee from 52 Squires in a Year.  Sarah wrote about her new discovery of Polyvore, which if you have been around here much you know I am coo-coo for.  Sarah’s article was fun.  She recently found Polyvore and has begun creating her own fashion sets as a way of inspiring real-life shopping trips to the thrift store….one of my favorite places.

One of the things that inspired me to write after visiting her site was a synchronicity I found there.  First, Sarah’s blog is dedicated to dating.  Not in a sleezy way, but in a fun, light hearted way. She chronicles her own dating experiences and the dates of others. Next, her article talked about Polyvore being a place that might mostly be for girly-girls.  So I just had to share about one of MY OWN FIRST DATES and the POLYVORE artist that I went on it with.

The Best First Date of My Life

Seven years ago on the eve of the Autumn Equinox, I headed to a wildlife reserve on a small lake in South Texas for a camp out with some friends who do Medieval Re-enactments, sort of like a Renaissance Faire. While there, I joined in a storytelling circle.  The moon was full, our tents were shadowed in the background, and scurrying between them and the small forest of trees were all sorts of wildlife.

I told a story about a woman who attempts several times to get to the land of imagination.  Eventually, she follows her heart and learns, in the process, to create the life she dreams of.  As I told my story, I played a drum, my gypsy skirts blowing in the wind.  A little girl with a hedgehog sat beside me afterwards, a man dressed in artisan garb asked if he could join us.  He seemed nice enough…and was handsome, so I agreed. Over the course of the night, I learned that he was an artist and that he had a way with children.  What more could a girl ask for?! Long story short, we stayed up dancing that night under that stars, and the magic of our meeting has never subsided.  We have been happily married almost 6 years.

My hubby, who some of you might know as Brother Patch (his blog) or Lord Grey Ace (from polyvore), has been part of the Celebration of Wellness.  I have featured his Polyvore Stories in my Storytelling series.  Here is his Polyvore Set sharing the night that we met.  As he says….It is not so far from the truth.

One thing I love about his art is that it teaches me about the humanity of the other gender.  He reveres women.  Sometimes that shows up as honoring them in his art and other times, it shows up in her strong curiosity about the inner and outer workings our gender.

I am glad there is a place for him on Polyvore.  Sarah is right, there are not as many men as there are women.  But I think it is only a matter of time for men to find their space there.  In the mean time, I go hunting for them and enjoy it when their art reflects the kind of equality that I find in my husband’s…and the kind of equality I try to uphold here.

About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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3 Responses to First Dates and Life Mates

  1. southbelle says:

    Always too fun to find new readers and new artists. Love your post.

  2. melody says:

    A lovely honouring place for both genders capability and contribution to the harmonious whole – thank you Rae!

  3. rosemary says:

    beautifully said and I always enjoy hearing your story of happiness, thank you for sharing it with us. I too am “coo-coo” for polyvore… my hubby just smiles when he sees me creating and he knows if it is before supper time well he was on his own for findits? could be midnight before I stop and think about dinner, thus I now try to do polyvore after dinner for both our wellnesses sakes. love and laughter Sistar

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