Labyrinth Touch Drawing

At the beginning of the year, I invested in some material from Deborah Koff-Chapin, the artist who developed the touch drawing technique.  I began playing with touch drawing right away.  The results and process were exhilarating.  Eventually I incorporated additional color by using prisma color pencils.  And recently when I went to paint something with a brush as I have done many times before, I found myself immediately using the touch drawing techniques on the canvas.  My fingers were in the paint, both hands working together.  I wonder if creating images will ever be the same.  I hope not!

This labyrinth touch drawing is the first of several offerings I am giving away as a celebration of my upcoming blogging birthday.  The picture doesn’t nearly represent the original (which was created on cardstock).  The actual piece has rich green lines with a field of bright colors which illuminate the path.

The labyrinth has been very meaningful for me over the last decade.  It symbolizes the journey inward, a time of self-reflection, and the pathway to sharing with the world what has been discovered within.

The labyrinth is indicative of the blogging journey I have created.  I started this blog with the idea of making my own life better.  Some of my early posts were about self-love and self-care.  I went on to participate in my first Wishcasting Wednesday.  This became a weekly ritual of practicing the art of reaching for my dreams.  Along with this creative act came a network of individuals, spearheaded by Jamie Ridler.  The dreamcasters supported my dreams and allowed me to support theirs.  Those dreams guided me to create a more interactive blog which begged for collaboration.  I invited others to join me for A Celebration of Wellness Blog Party.  I spent several months on that journey of wellness, shared by a number of Creative Spirits who offered their thoughts, feelings, and art to the group.

Towards the beginning of May, I took my foot off the gas pedal and let this vehicle of self-expression coast.  I have enjoyed the break.  I feel as if I have come to the top of a mighty hill and am able to peer out to the many vistas which beg me to visit.  But before I choose my destination, I feel the need for a shower.  Yes, the kind of shower that is cleansing and renewing, but also the kind that you have to celebrate a birth, a union, or a rite of passage. My blog has offered me all three.

My week of offerings is a way of showering you with gifts…gifts symbolic of the many blessings I have felt showered with this past year.  The Labyrinth is my first offering.  If you might like to be the recipient of this touch drawing, include a comment here to let me know.  You don’t have to know exactly what you will do with it, perhaps it will be a gift for someone else.  On the 14th, I will have a drawing to see who it will go to.  Check in each day thru the 7th for other offerings.  Pick and choose those you are drawn to or go for it and include yourself for each and every one.

Just a note, I will not be including anyone who I suspect of blatant spam.  Authentic, genuine comments only.  I think that is only fair.

So here’s to the journey with all its curves, mountains, and valleys….and for all the travelers I have met along the way.

About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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6 Responses to Labyrinth Touch Drawing

  1. Grace says:

    Oh my gosh…your Labyrinth is GORGEOUS! Who wouldn’t want this??? (tossing my name in the pile!)

    Rae, the personal transformation you describe via your blogging experience is not only inspirational, but it’s also an important reminder for all of us who began this journey of blogging as a means of self healing. I know I did 🙂 My first blog, created back in the fall of 2004 or 05, was a way for me to express what was happening on my spiritual path as a result of purposefully walking away from my “religion of origin”.
    I remember thinking how funny the word “blog” was…LOL…and, having NO idea about the powerful connections it could – and would – create – it was easy for me to be completely transparent and “real” about what was happening to and in me.

    The results were nothing less than astonishing. It was like people came out of the woodwork to support me, to say “Hey! Me, too!!” I realized that I really wasn’t alone… it was huge, to say the least.

    🙂 Thank you for your work here, and for your generousity of spirit and heart ❤

  2. Grammy E says:

    Hi Rae, I love your art work and your heart you put into it. I will not enter so Grace can get it. I am so glad to be part of your journey here. And hope to continue our journey together. I myself not feel free of the maze of life. And wonder what is next on my path. And hope to stay above it and help others through there task of healing.
    Sending you a big hug and lots of love.

  3. SoulTreasure says:

    Hi Rae! As always, everything you write about is inspirational and I always love the art that you create. I would love to be added in as well and to be a part of this journey….. I haven’t been writing on my blog and I really need to get back into it. You inspire me to continue….

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