30 Days of Creativity: Sand and Shell

In the early 90’s, as I was deep into the process of discovering myself, I came across the concept of mandalas.  Mandalas have a background from a variety of cultures and traditions including  Buddhism, Hindu, Native American,  Christianity, and Psychology.  A Mandala is circle which can serve many purposes depending on the tradition is developed in.

My initial understanding of the mandala was as it has been introduced by Carl Jung.  Carl Jung was an Austrian psychiatrist who believed the circular artform represented the Self.  My first mandala also happened to be my first attempt at art for therapeutic purposes.  It began a personal love of both mandalas and healing artwork.

My first mandala was created in the early 90's.

In 2008, I taught a mandala workshop at Angel Light.  For the workshop, I compiled a large round bowl filled with sand and offered a variety of natural objects that could be placed within it to create a mandala installation.  The bowl followed me home and became a source of self-expression and insight.

At the beginning of 2010 when I began counseling at a domestic violence shelter, I created a new Mandala Sand Bowl.  I offered it to my clients for their use in my office and began using it as part of my self-care regime.

Today’s creative time was spent with a Mandala Sand Bowl.  After a number of installations, I began sculpting the sand with my hands. Eventually a small shell struck my interest.  It sat on the sideline as if it were alive on the edge of a desertous vista.  I moved the shell along one ridge, enjoying the prints it left in the sand.  I realized as I did it that I was no longer just sculpting, no longer an artist, I had engaged my inner child. I was playing.  My camera caught various moments of the story.

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About Rachél

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4 Responses to 30 Days of Creativity: Sand and Shell

  1. Joss says:

    oh, magical, we don’t play enough!

  2. onewomansmusings says:

    What a well timed blog! I’ve just started using paper plates as a tool for working with traumatised children for them to draw and play, I may have to bring in some mandela work and see where it goes. Thanks for the idea!

  3. deniseweller says:

    Now I can see why you enjoyed my work.
    A sandbox is a wonderful tool to get in touch with one’s own creativity.
    Loved your blog.

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