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My Life as Harry Potter

Sitting in the movie theater last night with the 3D glasses hiding my I-Can’t-See-Without-Them glasses, I watched as the epic tale of Harry Potter and friends came to an end. From the moment the movies started years ago, I felt … Continue reading

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Nourishing Nothing

Jamie Ridler poses this question: What do you wish to nourish? My answer is simple, zen-like, but with my eclectic personality, that’s not easy to manage. I wish to nourish the spaces in my house that have nothing.  I have … Continue reading

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The Story Beneath: Discovering the Creativity World

I had just turned twenty and could feel myself coming out of the fog that was adolescence and arriving with wide, curious eyes at the mouth of a great river which promised to lead me into the adventure of adulthood. … Continue reading

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Getting my Tweak On!

About a month ago, I overheard one woman talking to another at the cafe.  I was sitting by myself, drawing, and as my mind will sometimes do, it wandered in and out of their conversation. Imagination by Rashamaria on … Continue reading

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Creativity Zones

Living in a house with three other Creative Spirits can establish free space as a commodity.  When it was just my artist hubby and me, we each had a studio where we would create to our heart’s desire.  Now those … Continue reading

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Grazie, Grazie!

It’s a sweltering, Summer day here in South Texas, but I feel like I just moved out of the hot zone.  The hot zone of LIFE that is.  The last month has been a whirl wind!  Some major difficulties cushioned … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Via Prezi!!!

Full Buck Moon Dreamboard This afternoon, I attended a workshop that invited us to look at our life map and to flesh out the goals we have for ourselves.  The presenter used an awesome new online tool called Prezi.  Felt … Continue reading

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Crossing the Line: Embracing Death with Creativity

Over dinner with a friend, nearly a month ago, I pondered over the connections between creativity and death.  She had just watched a movie about a Japanese man who took a job assisting with death rites, and our conversation spiraled into … Continue reading

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