Curiosity Quest: My Big What If….

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”   Albert Einstein

Curiosity Quest

Recently, while reading about the subject of curiosity, I began to wonder what my life might be like if I became more curious.  Curiosity.  It is at the same time playful and powerful.  It offers freedom of thought, a sense of creativity, playful musings, and yet, also lends itself to the more analytic processes.

Somehow, engaging curiosity seems less threatening than making a decision about doing something. Getting caught up in my own expectations about how that thing should be, that has been my downfall with setting goals in the past.  I would jump into a process of attaining a goal and realize the process wasn’t worth the outcome.  So I would stop…quit.  This made goal setting an emotionally dangerous prospect.  On one hand I wanted the satisfaction of saying I had found success by reaching my goal, but was losing touch with the value of my innate sense of self-care a price I was willing to pay?

In contemplating curiosity, I realized that I could become curious about exploring a subject, perhaps the same quality of subject I might have set a goal about, but I could utilize curiosity’s exploratory nature to guide my journey to its logical end point.  That end point might be quite different than what was originally imagined, but curiosity’s flexibility releases any judgement I might have about staying on a structured path.

Curiosity Quest

I have been contemplating curiosity’s role in my life and have developed a practice I am going to start using called a Curiosity Quest.

What is a Curiosity Quest?

First, it is an experiment.  For one month, I am going to explore a subject using curiosity.  I want to see what happens when I balance between engaging a sense of discovery and a mindset of not-knowing. To write it out seems very heady, but in reality it is about being playful and organic, about letting go of expectations and being free to discover new paths I might never have discovered before.  Perhaps by cultivating more wonder-ment, I might even learn about myself along the way. That is the heart of the real quest.

Curiosity Quest: This Month’s Big What if….

What if fruits and veggies played a new role in my life?  I didn’t have a great relationship with them growing up. They ended up shoved to the side of my plate….if they made it there at all.  I think my quality of life would benefit from these little treasure, but I have been reluctant to change.

I don’t know where this curiosity will lead me.  And honestly, part of the journey is exploring curiosity itself.  Is it everything it is cracked up to be? Can it be the “holy” experience Einstein claims it it?  I may end up where I started, or may find myself in a new place.  That is the beauty of not-knowing…. and all those layers are what truly make it a quest.  Sky’s the limit, eh? We’ll see.

I hope you will stick around as I share what I discover about my relationship with fruits and veggies… about the power of curiosity…and about just what I am made of.

Curiosity Quest Prompt

Curiosity Quest Prompt by Rashamaria on

Show and Tell: Curious Minds Want to Know

If you were to become curious about something in your life, what might it be?  What is your Big What If?

Curiously yours,



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  1. ShopCurious says:

    Fabulous news that you are embracing your curiosity! You may wish to join our select band of followers – we call ourselves the Curious Cognoscenti..

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