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Journal Keeping: Something old, Something new

About the same time that I had my first real crush on a boy, I learned about writing in journals.  Looking back, I still feel sorry for Mrs. Lyons, my eighth grade English teacher, because just about every entry she … Continue reading

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With Creativity Comes Growth

If you make a practice out of engaging your creativity, you understand that with creativity comes growth.  It is inevitable, because with creativity comes facing and moving past those things that might want to keep you down.  I hope you … Continue reading

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Practical Magic by Moonlight

Welcome to my little party.  I say little because this is a party for two that I am letting you peek in on.  You see, seven years ago tonight, I met my artist husband under a full moon while camping … Continue reading

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Possibility Surfing

What is it about September that feels so inspiring?!  Is it the beginning of a shift in weather, the fact that from here you can see the holidays just at the end of the block?  Or perhaps that you know … Continue reading

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Art Attack!

Last Saturday my artist hubby and I dragged an old table in from the dining room, opened it up and covered it with fresh craft paper.  I tucked the sides in neatly and taped them down so that the tape … Continue reading

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Practical Magic Revisited

This post reviews the videos from Practical Magic Blog Party 2010. If you would like to read the blog posts that went along with these videos, hop over to thePractical Magic Blog Party 2o1o Archives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Practical Magic Revisited {Video Review}  … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dream Board

Do you remember what wishing was like when you were a kid?  I wished on all kinds of things: an eyelash recovered from my cheek then blown off the end of my mother’s pinkie, a necklace when the latch found … Continue reading

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