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The Storyteller’s Daughter: Revisited

Last year for Halloween, I celebrated by weaving together a scary story. The story comes out of my father’s love of storytelling. I spent the afternoon with him today and remembered last year’s tale. So I have dusted it off … Continue reading

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Sharing Myself with the World

You would think after over a year of blogging about myself and my creative path, that I would have shared most of my creative interest, but that is very far from the truth.  Every day, I discover something that I … Continue reading

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First 100 Days of Flight: 1-10

When I began thinking about stepping out of the payed-by-others world and into the make-my-own-way world, I had a band of encouragers rooting me on.  Some had taken a leap much like mine and others confessed to wanting to do … Continue reading

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From Fud to Fab

Okay, so I don’t know exactly what fud means, but it was the best word I could come up with to describe how I was feeling earlier this week.  I had just jumped into my career as a creative arts … Continue reading

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Off to Fairyland

My artist hubby and I returned earlier this week from a weekend at Texas Rennaisance Festival where we whooped it up with the fairy fair freaks, joining in with costume and revel.  Taking a journey into this wooded wonderland provided … Continue reading

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Why Artists Have Wings

I flew yesterday, picked myself up from one road on my journey and took off for a new one.  Over the last year, I have been grooming my wings for flight, and yesterday was the day to stretch them and … Continue reading

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1000 Steps Add Up Fast

I often think of myself at the beginning of a long journey.  I have an art and creative workshops business in front of me, waiting to take off and soar.  The truth is that a lot of it is solidly … Continue reading

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