First 100 Days of Flight: 11-20

Yesterday, Art of Collecting Yourself was abuzz with activity!

First came a unique guest blogging opportunity from Wellness with Kate. She featured one of my posts on her site and blended it with her own thoughts about creativity.

Then, came the Spreading Our Wings Blog Hop with a generous nod from Kelly Rae on her Facebook page to boot. If you have followed her link over here, I want to welcome you. So happy you could visit.

Today is no less busy though: A blog in two parts.

First, documentation of yesterday’s artwork for Art Every Day of the Month. I think some artist are posting the art they make that day, but it works better for me to offer the work I made the day before.  I suppose both ways work, the idea is to get creative!

Without further adieu, my Day One Creation is a wire sculptured dragonfly.  I have been intending to make this little lovely for YEARS now.  I used to make them and sell them at the local art center, but when I drifted away from art for sale, I stopped.  But I had promised one to a friend, so this one is it.  With it done, though, I don’t know what in the world he will have to tease me about! (I bet he will find something.)


He might have to fight Shatzie for it in the long run, though!


Now for the second part of the today’s post…

Every 10 days for the First 100 Days of Flight as a creative arts entrepreneur, I will pull excerpt from my journal to share with you.  I will include my hopes, fears, goals, set-backs, and victories.  Some thoughts will be about my business and others about my life.  As it stands now, the two seem to be one.  Perhaps that is the nature of making a living out of living a creative life.

Days 10-20

10.  The house is busy with housemates cleaning and organizing.  I enjoy the energy of working alongside others. The studio calls to me, to play and to heal it from its disorganization.  Am I up for the challenge?  Time will tell.

11.  I am hitting my stride.  My nerves are settling.  My mind and body seem more willing to cooperate with one another.  I want more days like this.

12.  Packages received from Etsy vendors and a fellow Flying Lessons graduate teach me a bit about branding.  Susan from Charming Trinkets sent a package which arrived sporting images of her logo on every nook and cranny.  A small button brings flat paper to life and a simple brown paper box features a custom tag.  I set them aside and dream on the images I will use for my brand. (Received a check in the mail for my first sell….looks like I really am open for business…now to get more product out.)



13.  Stayed up late with my artist hubby. Working side by side with the love of my life is a priceless experience.  We really are creating a Bohemian Hideaway!

14.  I easily get lost on the internet.  It eats away precious time and energy that should be focused on art and business.  The trick is that much of my business IS the internet.  Now to find a balance and a way to stay focused.  (Adding a blog roll to my list of things to create.  Thank goodness for Google Docs!)

15. Confession: There are many aspects of my job that I miss… co-workers and dear, dear clients…… but I still love that I am following my dream.  Lunch today with my former co-workers, now made friends, will fix a good portion of that.

16.  Pushed through the fear of phone calls and proposals.  Being brave is energizing!

17.  I feel like I am in my groove with planning and making connections.  I am eager to jump into make more art.  I am impatient.  Setting up the structure of my business is taking time, but I know it will help guarantee my success in the long run.

18.  Working on my website banner is a big boost.  I love thinking about marketing.  It is just another way to be creative.  Stretching myself to more fully explore the possibility of the doodles I have played with for the last several months has meant a new level of development in my artistic abilities.  The confidence feels great.  I love what I am doing.

19.  I want to build lots of fun and meaning into this business.  Fun energizes me.  I think I should make it mandatory that at least one day a week, I pick something to wear that feeds my sense of fun, authenticity, and creativity.  Yes, Wednesdays will be Wild Adornment Day!

What could be more wild than zebra print?!

20.  I am listening to Goddess Leonie’s World’s Largest Summit and learning so much.  I am hanging on tight to the wisdom Cairene MacDonald offers about maintaining everyday tasks. So much of this journey to a having a successful creative arts business is about creating the HOW.  How will I set this up so it works long term?  How do I streamline that so I work efficiently?  How do I tend to the management of the materials that go into making art, the art itself, the events, the people, and still manage to practice rigorous self-care?  Luckily, I enjoy the challenge.  I am not just in this to make art.  I am in it to develop a creative lifestyle that validates who I believe myself to be inside and share what I have to give with those who need it.


About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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7 Responses to First 100 Days of Flight: 11-20

  1. Rae, I am so excited for you! You are doing the hard work and getting the results. I will enjoy joining you on this journey as you share it with us!

  2. Love your dragon fly, BTW. You have such a gift shaping wire among other things!

  3. onewomansmusings says:

    A whole blog on creativity and your business building and the one thing I take away is the thought that your ‘bohemian hideaway’ sounds idyllic!! It sounds like you’re starting to find your pace and the way of working to suit you.

  4. Wow Rae. I love the dragonfly. You should keep making them. I think they would sell really well. Awesome job. Glad you are taking part in art every day too. I don’t want to be all by myself. 🙂

  5. you are on the right track and it’s great fun being on the sidelines cheering you on.

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  7. Kathy@BlueAntlerStudio says:

    Congratulations Rae for choosing to live life on the creative side. I’ll be sure to check in from time to time to see how you are doing and you be sure to stop by blue antler studio, it is populated with creative kindred spirits.

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