Intentionally enLIGHTen Your Life with Art

I became an artist through the back door.  Up until my early twenties, I had no idea that art would be on my life path.  Then, life took a quick turn in college when I had to take an art elective to graduate with my theatre degree.  I threw myself into any medium I could get my hands on.  My pencil stopped taking notes in class and began drawing pictures of the professors.  It’s a wonder my new obsession didn’t derail my scholastic performance.

Diving into art was like learning a language I had forgotten I knew.  I began blending images with words in my journals. And suddenly realized, I was hooked.

I found myself knee deep in love with a multitude of creative practices.  Theatre, movement, writing, visual art, and music.  I dabbled here and there until eventually creativity became the way I approached life.

One of my favorite creative practices has been to design projects that use the arts intentionally.  Sharing these kinds of projects is one of the main goals I have for my creative arts business.  And in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, I want to gift YOU with the opportunity to join me in an intention art project that is very dear to my heart.

Look for the project post starting Novemeber 19th

I call the project an Illuminata Ceremony.  It has been my way of enJOYing the holiday season for years.   Joy comes for Old French meaning feelings of pleasure and delight.  Too often, I have let the societal obligation of the holidays get me down.  And so one year, I invited a group of friends over to set an intention of deLIGHTing in the Holiday season.

I got phone calls through out the holidays from the ladies, letting me know that their art experience had helped lift their moods and brought meaning to what had become rote and disconnected.  From that year on, the Illuminata Ceremony has been essential for me.

Here’s What I Mean by Ceremony

Now, if I were reading this, I might have all kinds of questions about what was meant by ceremony.  For me it denotes a time set aside for becoming mindful about an intention that I hold important.  There is nothing overtly religious about it, although if you wanted to blend your religious or spiritual beliefs into it, that would be up to you.  In the past, some have chosen a religious focus, some spiritual, others relational or personal.  This is about creativity after all, so you might have lots of ideas about how YOU want to express your intentions.

The Illuminata Ceremony Details

So, consider taking up my invitation to Intentionally enLIGHTen Your Life with Art.  The project will be fleshed out for you Novemeber 19th, the weekend before the American Thanksgiving.  I will provide a linkie in the post where you can share links to your blog posts featuring your intentional art and any experience you have with discovering deLIGHT in your holidays.  The linkie will stay active until the first of the year so that the Illuminata Ceremony can be for a variety of celebrants.  I don’t want to assume that we are all celebrating the same holidays or any holiday at all.  This way it is very flexible.

If you think you might like to participate and would like an email reminder, leave a comment specifically asking me to remind you, and I will.  You don’t have to leave your email, I should be able to get it off your comment through the dashboard.  That way you don’t have to announce your email to the world if you don’t want to.  I will also put up reminders for those who have subscribed to the blog and my Art of Collecting Yourself Facebook page. So feel free to subscribe to either of those for updates.


In the spirit of living an art-filled life, I signed up for Art Every Day Month (AEDM). Today’s art project is the graphic used in the little sign for Illuminata.  I had a blast doing it.  The little doodles up the side are my newest exploration.  I am using some very similar to these in the banner for my new website.  This was the first time I added color.  I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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7 Responses to Intentionally enLIGHTen Your Life with Art

  1. You are on a roll! I am anxious to find out more about your Illuminata – GREAT illustration!

  2. I love the idea of Art Every Day Month! It’s sort of like NaNoWriMo.
    Enjoying you blog …

  3. rosemary says:

    Of course I would love to join this..sounds so exciting and right up my ally… love to celebrate the fall & winter seasons and embrace the chill of the air as well, This time of the year seems to energize my spirituality in so many ways.thank you for opening your heart and group to us newbes.

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  5. What an inspiring blog. I am so happy that I found it though AEDM.

  6. I want to join the illuminata! 🙂


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