Finding the Stillness Amongst Chaos

Well, would you look at this mess! My poor little blog is in shambles. (Hopefully it will be a bit cleaned up by the time you find yourself here.) Many of my pictures have disappeared! All I can do though is laugh and throw my hands up in the air mumbling to myself, “Dear One, if you are going to teach, it might as well be by example.”

Automatic writing on collage

If you have been following my blog, you might notice the fancy candle lighting up the page. Iluminata Intentional Art Circle is open to anyone who might like to focus on what is meaningful during the hectic pace of the holiday season. I am offering art activities and inspirational messages to help us get centered on what is important. All you have to do is follow along, feeling free to comment and leave links to the activities you do or to blog/video responses. Sounds easy, right. Sounds like something I could do, not more difficult than anything else I do on my blog. But…

I wrapped up this offering, the Art Circle, and scooted it out into the Universe and suddenly my technological world came crashing down around me. First, my laptop crashed. Then, my backup laptop crashed, which sometimes crashes but mostly lets you get lots of work done between crashes …but this time it kept crashing, over and over and over.  Then, when I finally got the courage to visit my neglected blog-home, what do I find? Uhg. A case of missing pics.

The joy of it is that I know how it happened. I cleaned out my Flickr account in an attempt to be more organized and better on top of things, afterall, I had those photos on my blog all safe and secure.  But, they weren’t uploaded, they were linked to the Flickr account. I just didn’t realize if you delete the link, you delete the photo.

That’s a lot of mess to straighten at a time when I have a bunch of plates in the air.

And yet… as I said in the beginning, I just find myself laughing.

Perhaps this is because I feel so joyous and content, almost as if the chaos is repelled by the armor created by the beauty in my life. Perhaps I am laughing because I know I am not out of options. It is like the song, Hush Little Baby. This momma’s not giving up, even if that mockingbird won’t sing. I have a world of options and when my options run out, I will create new ones.

copyright Rachél Payne

In the meantime, less computer means more time elsewhere. For me, that means plenty of self care.  As promised last week, I am working on a list of self-care options. Here are some of the ways I have been practicing rigorous self-care this week.

1. making art

2. practicing being in the moment when visiting with loved ones

3. giving myself permission to nap

4. looking for the sacred in the mundane

5. spending quality time with my pets (Mr. Jellybean purrs when I hold him like a baby.)

6. choose food that nurtures (Today is one week without refined sugar. Feeling good.)

7. practicing being brave (said yes to a last minute craft show that was out of my comfort zone, spreading my wings!)

8. saying no (I am not Wonder Woman. I can only do so much. Sometimes that means a gentle no, and other times, means setting strong boundaries.)

9. dancing (ahhhh, my love!)

10. communing with the elements (Sunday evening a few dear friends and my family gathered together for a backyard fire. That just does something for my spirit.)

So, while the virtual world may seem to be crumbling around me to the point that pockets of it disappear into the realms of no-return, I am investing in a reality of peace and created meaning. That means looking for the lessons in the difficulty and the humor in Life’s twists and turns.

How do you roll with the punches? What is your key to finding stillness amongst chaos? Would love to keep the conversation going in the comments!


Thank you everyone for sticking around during the last couple of weeks while I was absent. Special thanks to the Angel who helped get me back to my blog home. The laptop is getting a tune-up, but my creative arts business now has a fancy new pc dedicated to keeping in touch with you and sharing my adventures in creativity!


About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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4 Responses to Finding the Stillness Amongst Chaos

  1. you’ve been doing some amazing self care and it sure is paying off, isn’t it! awesome

  2. What an inspiring post! I am so sorry about the technological chaos, but at the same time, I am grateful for the way you are holding it. And REALLY grateful for your reminder that self care should always be at the top of the list. Especially during this hectic holiday season!

  3. Kate Hawkes says:

    Hey Rae! Wow! quite the the week or so. I had a similar crash with my car. No not a Crash but complete transmission loss – and if you know anything about cars then you know that is kinda like losing the engine and they dont give new ones away.. Yikes!! but like you.. great opportunity to practice stillness and balance out the important things and to find humbleness in asking fr help. All done, car back tomorrow.
    and the weekend in the midst of this car issue I was blessed with most beautiful dance experience so particularly liked your #9 self care!! (check out wellnesswithkate blog re that – Ode To Dancers)
    Be well Rae and keep up the shining gifts!!

  4. Loved the post. My contribution would be:
    1. Do a random act of kindness.
    2. Connect with someone you haven’t talked with in awhile and find out how they are doing
    3. Meditate
    4. Say the Serenity Prayer
    5. Write

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