You can find adventure in life anywhere, if you look for it. Once in the grocery store, I discovered a grand shopping cart ballet in the movement between myself and two women I had never before met. Suddenly a mundane activity turned into magic, all because I went out looking for the dance in life, and because I was willing to live with adventure in my heart.

I came across this video (and immediately wanted to share it with you) on a friend’s blog recently. She found it on another woman’s blog. And each of us has taken the video to heart in different ways. One of us (me) saw the adventure in it, one of us (Mary) saw the flight, and the last (Leigh) felt a sense of breathlessness.

I wonder what you will take away from this video and how it might encourage a little adventure in your life.

Return tomorrow and discover how I let it inspire me.

Special thanks to Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith for sharing their art and adventure with the world.  


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Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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3 Responses to Adventure

  1. Thank you — I had seen this before, but it is so very magical that I loved seeing it again. It does take my breath away, and makes me feel full of possibility. My theme for 2012 is “Exploring Possibility”, so this is just wondrously appropriate.

  2. rosemary says:

    oh my, I have witnessed this on 35 bybass heading towards Portland on 2 occassions. I just pull over and watch the over the fields… not nearly as beautiful as over water like the video. Like watching an orchistra composing music in which to dance by… so awsome… thank you for sharing.

  3. When I first moved to Ohio, I saw a similar thing and was mesmerized – now I know what it is called. It didn’t happen again this year, I know, because I was watching for them it was so spectacular. Thanks for posting this!

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