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What’s Inside Box Number One {or Big Bertha Revealed}

You know how it is when you have a pile of to do lists stacked up on your desk and the only thing you really WANT to do you just can’t do until that stack gets smaller?  Well, this week … Continue reading

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Shared Abundance {or A Visit from Big Bertha}

When someone in your family is enthusiastic about a certain way of life, the other people can’t help but have a bit of that interest rub off on them. Take for example the son whose love of basketball keeps his … Continue reading

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Perhaps Our Story Will Change

What story shall we tell ourselves today? Will it be the same old tale that leads to the same destination we have been trying to get away from for the past several weeks, months, or years? The tale in which … Continue reading

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Creativity Zones: Creating a Workable Mess

I am not a neat freak, but boy do I have an appreciation for people who excel at being tidy. I don’t live in simplicity. An eclectic atmosphere is more my style. It stimulates my senses, energizes my imagination, and … Continue reading

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Love of Art

I am so excited to have the honor of organizing the  Fly Tribe Blog’s Love of Art Blog Party. What a great way to celebrate love in my life! I spent the weekend thinking about why I love art, what it … Continue reading

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New Heights, Dreams in Sight

If you have been around here very long, you might have noticed that I haven’t made very many videos. Well, I was so excited today that I couldn’t contain myself. I had to tell you in my own voice just … Continue reading

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Busy Bee

I am happy when I am busy, and recently, I have been very busy.  Some of this is for play and other is for work, but no matter how you slice it, busy.  I thought I would share some of … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Beholder

This weekend when my roommates and I had an Artist Date at the carnival, I dove in and took a ton of pictures.  The fun kept going at home with a few visual adjustments. I mostly just cropped them and … Continue reading

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Artist Date for Four: Carnival Caravan

I live with three other artists, so when one of us has a craving for something fun, it isn’t difficult to find someone to play with. This weekend, my roommate Lisa was jumping to go to the carnival. So like … Continue reading

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