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In Bloom

My studio feels like it is in bloom…and so do I.  Tomorrow I head to the Festivial of the Arts in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. The event site was abuzz today with artists, crafters, and on-lookers, everyone preparing for the … Continue reading

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Inside Creativity Tribe Studio {On a Roll}

There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t understand the desire to create something and the feeling of immobility that sometimes blocks us from moving forward. That is where I have been for awhile.  Sure I might have gotten … Continue reading

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Inside Creativity Tribe Studio

I have been feverishly creating for the Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts which is this weekend. The process has been start and go, but luckily, the last several days, I have been on a roll.  I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye View {Creativity Taking Flight}

A few months ago I got a new camera. I got it for practical reasons, like documenting my art and for big vacations (or at least the hope of going on one) where I might take lots of great photos. … Continue reading

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Into the Forest

When I was in my early twenties, now nearly twenty years ago, I embarked on a journey of healing and transformation. I knew it was a journey that for all intensive purposes was do or die (or at least do … Continue reading

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Things are Looking Up

I went a little wild last night and redesigned my blog. It is the first big change in appearance since I first published the blog in June of 2010. Back then, I didn’t know the slightest thing about blogs, except … Continue reading

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Fly Tribe Shoe Shots Blog Hop

Shoes, oh my gahd shoes (for all you Liam Sullivan fans.) Who doesn’t love shoes? Shoes are expressive, practical, can make or break an outfit, and can even tell a story.  The shoes I chose for the Fly Tribe Shoe … Continue reading

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Art Retreat {for one}

The last several weeks ZAPPED my energy. I am not sure if it is because I had been going strong and am just coming through the natural cycle of creativity or if arriving at the 5 month mark since starting … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day {Global Celebration Begins in the Heart}

Today is International Women’s Day. I have been considering how I wanted to celebrate women and womanhood for the last couple of months.  And when I looked up today, I felt like I got here empty handed. I have no … Continue reading

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March Mandala Madness {Circular Wisdom}

When I first started exploring self-expression through visual art (in the early 1990’s), I found myself fascinated with the ability of the media to communicate nuances within the inner world which words could rarely capture. That time in my life … Continue reading

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