March Mandala Madness {Circular Wisdom}

When I first started exploring self-expression through visual art (in the early 1990’s), I found myself fascinated with the ability of the media to communicate nuances within the inner world which words could rarely capture.

That time in my life was exhilarating. I had been studying theatre and communication theory, and in an effort to meet all my fine art requirements, I needed both an art and music class. The art class was my first, ever. I dove in with wild abandon.  When the instructor asked what we hoped to gather from the class, I stated that I wished to get comfortable enough with the skills that it could feel like a kind of meditation. For the life of me, I don’t know where that came from!  I suppose my spirit had some inkling of the potential curative power of art from the very beginning.

The music class had interpersonal aspects to it, asking us to explore how we felt about our voice. Not just our singing voice or speaking voice, but what we had to say. Blend this with communication theory which asked us to explore verbal and non-verbal behavior and explained that even silence was considered communication.  My radar for understanding communication in all its forms was primed and ready. Everywhere I looked, in every class I took, I was exploring expression in a different format. What an amazing line up!

Over the last several days as I sat with paper and prisma color contemplating the progress of my mandalas, I felt transported back to that era in my life.  I connected with the fresh eyes of a naive artist, just beginning to understand an entire world of communication which she had never ventured into.

I think a mandala’s empty field provides a sense of possibility that other surface formats might not.  For example, when I show up to a canvas, I often have a sense of what images will find themselves there.  A woman, a tree, something from nature, lines and marks which are familiar. But, the circle begs me to empty myself of expectation. It invites me to be in a state of new beginnings, compels me to discover something about myself and about the process of creating.

Day 2: Exploring the Circular Field

Day 3: Rhythm Dancer

Showing up to that fresh space daily for a month is going to be intense. I can feel that even just in the first few days. I believe these circles have a lot of wisdom to share with me and I look forward to sharing that wisdom with you along the way.

Update: Art Walk Inspiration, Studio Progress, and Big Bertha’s Little Sis

I had a crazy fun day yesterday at the Art Walk.  The weather was amazing.  In the first hour, the sun was shining so that I thought if I stayed out too much longer, I would probably need some sunscreen (yep, I live in South Texas…sunshine, baby!) After that, the sun tucked in behind a tall building, and we basked in the glory of the absolute perfect balance of warmth and coolness. Tons of folks came out for the event. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and even ran into a few family members.  Good times!

Last night really inspired me to push myself a bit more with my business. On of the guys there, my new friend Rhino, was selling his work like hot cakes! Since then I have been contemplating what this chica might do to get her work moving. And one of my answers is simply to have more items to offer. So, I am going to crank up the production.

Cranking up the production leads me to thinking about my studio. As you may remember, I have been organizing my works space.  My organizer and I made some great plans and even made headway on one of the shelves in the room, the one I use most.  And then, my visit from Big Bertha and Little Lucy made the studio even more crowded, increasing the need for organization. And, yes, Little Lucy did find her way here!  She was a whopping 20 lbs of paper and beaded bliss.  Expect the big video reveal sometime in the next 3 or 4 days!

Oh, but back to the studio!  I think I have found a solution to some of the storage issues.  Over the next two days, I am going to be working on getting a piece of furniture in here that I think will serve as a printing center and provide plenty of storage. Yes, we love storage!

And last, but certainly not least. I am spending the evening tonight and whatever time I need to tomorrow to nail down the  mission and vision statements for my business and wrap up some of the loose ends for the dreaming phase of the Hello Soul Hello Business class. This week we are diving into the DOING phase, so it is important that I have a good foundation from the DREAMING phase.

Well! Whew!  Guess I had better get busy. I am headed to my favorite hole in the wall with my soul business journal and a few markers. Don’t worry. I promise to fill you in on everything that is going on.  I just need a little time to make it happen.

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4 Responses to March Mandala Madness {Circular Wisdom}

  1. Rainy says:

    OH I’m just loving these! THank you so much for sharing them, and the process that has been going on while you’ve been making them! xo

  2. rosemary says:

    oh I am so excited for you… sounds wonderful, all of it… Thank you for motivating me today to go and tackle some of my storage issues. Love, Light & Laughter~SS Rosemary

  3. Stacey says:

    Your work is really fantastic!! I will no doubt learn and be inspired by your this month on our journey through mandalas!! Great company I’m in!

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