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Plant a Kiss {a bit of magic}

In the spirit of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s work, 16 inspiring and creative bloggers (including me!) set out to “Plant a Kiss” in the world on Sunday, April 29. We each did something we thought would spread a little extra joy, … Continue reading

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Super Special Secrets {spillin’ the beans}

I feel like so much happened here this month.  Birthday months tend to be like that, an embiggening of life and steady trails of gifts from friends and the Universe.  And I love it! This month was filled with firsts, … Continue reading

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River of Poems

This week’s focus has been poetry. At first, I attributed that to the fact that this is National Poetry Month.  The truth is that poetry just kept finding its way into my life this month and then, I realized it … Continue reading

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Plant a Kiss {join me}

If I think back over my life, I can recall all sorts of times when life brought an unexpected gift my way. Sometimes they were small, like the colorful crocheted sweater someone fitted around a palm tree just off a … Continue reading

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We’re going to have a baby! {or babies}

My heart is completely filled up right now. I know if I looked in the mirror, my face would be glowing. I discovered it this afternoon.  Artist hubby and I were working in the backyard when all of the sudden…. … Continue reading

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Word Trixie {Haiku}

This month, serendipity stepped into my poetry focus and connected me with the person who writes Naked Haiku (don’t worry, it is safe to click through).  The site is beautiful, simple, and inspiring. So much so that I decided to … Continue reading

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Word Trixie {Limericks}

I was never big on structured or formatted poetry. I like the wide, open possibility of free verse.  Besides, I was never much for figuring out puzzles, and that is exactly what structured poetry feels like.  But something changed recently. … Continue reading

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