Me at 43 {part three}

I have been a bit quiet online the last couple of days. My in-real-life life got delightfully busy. Yep, birthday weekend!  What a lovely time!

That brings me to the wrap up of my Me at 43 project. In the last two posts I have been sharing little tidbits about myself. One for each year of my life.

Me at 43 {part one} ~~~~~ Me at 43 {part two}

Coming up with so many facts about myself makes me realized how just many years 43 is.  Takes awhile. Probably would have been easier if I was like some of the teenage bloggers I know. Less facts. Ah, well, I love a good challenge.

Now where were we? Oh yes…

25. I have a fascination with moss. It shows up in my home in various ways, most recently I have incorporated it into my art.

26. As an actress, I occasionally got hired to entertain at parties. A few times, I was asked to portray a palm reader.  Although I don’t know how accurate I was overall, I surprised several people by telling them things about themselves I could never have guessed.  I think I surprised myself more!

27. My husband plays with dolls. (Okay, actually, he creates art dolls. They are brilliant in my opinion. He uses found objects and discarded toys to assemble them.)

Tank Top by Eric Payne

Tank Top by Eric Payne

28. I make art books. In fact, just after I started blogging, I was commissioned to make a birthday card (which I decided to make a into a birthday book) for a friend. I loved the project so much that it inspired me to consider selling my art…and led me to my current road in life.

29. My favorite art medium is Prism Colors.

30.  My newest art medium to work with is paint…fun!

31.  I am a bibliophile (lover of books).  I have a crazy, beautiful collection of books that range from art history and how-to, to women’s spirituality and personal development.

32. I live in the 32nd windiest city in America.

33.  <— one of the best years of my life was when I turned 33!

34.  In the late 90’s, I started making jewelry. Before too long, the local paper did an article about me. I felt like a super star!

35.  I live in an a 1940’s Cape Cod style cottage. We have been renovating it since we moved in. It is a huge job, but something we love doing. I have a crush on my house.

36. Met my husband when I was 36. One of the more lucky happenings in my life.

37. When I was a kid, my mom decorated our house in harvest gold and burnt orange. I always swore I would never have those colors in my house (you know kids just rebel against anything their parents do). Now, I didn’t plan it, but I have a harvest yellow and bright orange couch. It is old, from the 60’s or early 70’s. And even though it has probably seen its better days, I absolutely love it!

38. One of the most fun jobs I have ever had was as a hula dancer. I mostly did comedy routines, but it was a blast! My Hawiian name is Lahela.

39. The strangest pet I have ever had was a javalina. It was just a piglet and didn’t live with us long, but it was a sweet as can be.  We named it Toby. Javalina babies suckle on the run, so to feed it, we had to walk back and forth with it latched onto the bottle.

40.  On my 21st birthday, my mom made me two cakes. It was the last birthday I had with her, and I always figured the extra cake was for all the birthdays I wouldn’t get with her.

41. I make cordials, sweetened vodka infused with herbs, nuts, or fruit. They are delish!

42. Last year (my 42nd year) was a roller coaster for me. As you may know, I decided to start working for myself.  Yesterday (my birthday) marked 6 months of doing my own thing. It have learned so much about myself and don’t regret a moment of my decision.

43. Finally!  I am going to leave this one for YOU!  You are my 43rd fact about me. A tribe of creatives peeking inside their own lives to see where they might bring in a bit of joy and playfulness…to see where they might connect more meaningfully with their own beautiful soul. You are one of the best parts of my life

Thanks for being a gift in my life!

About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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23 Responses to Me at 43 {part three}

  1. pkasallis says:

    So sweet! It’s a pleasure to be here. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Great series of posts Rachel. So much fun to read the 43 facts about you. Lots of love to you today and always.

    • Rachél says:

      Thanks, Ann Marie! I have to admit it is a strange feeling just to report stuff about myself…but I had fun. Thanks for the well-wishes…and as always, for the support.

  3. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. Love your newspaper photo!

    • Rachél says:

      Carol, that was probably one of my favorite things to share. I hadn’t seen the article in years, and then it showed up out of the blue…just for you!

  4. I really enjoyed your posts Rachel! Happy, happy birthday to you!

  5. Devin says:

    This has been most enjoyable to read!!!

  6. houseofstars says:

    Happy Birthday Rachel! Loved reading this and getting to know more about you 🙂 I especially like that picture of you in the newspaper–you’re definitely a superstar!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Great series of posts, and fun!

  8. lambertjill says:

    Oh–I loved getting to know you a bit better. What a rich life you are living, Rae!


  9. focusonme40 says:

    Good to read your posts. Happy Birthday Rachel. Enjoy your the rest of your week.

  10. Rhonda F says:

    You are really a fun and inspiring person! So full of life, joy, and inventiveness! You remind me of my daughter, who woke up one morning in our Hawaiian home by the sea, after leaving her San Francisco life behind, and said ” I feel so Brand New”. You sound like you enjoy being “brand new” every day! Mahalo for your jolts of divine pleasure, Lahela! Your blog is so “e komo mai”, everyday.

  11. wiscomom says:

    Loved the about you! Very interesting!! Love the local paper one!! I would definitely feel like a start if I was in the paper! Happy Birthday!

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