Mixed Media May {in thirds}

Looking for something to inspire you this weekend?

Why not catch up on what Mixed Media May has to offer.  MMMay is an annual blog celebration of mixed media artists. You will find interviews, stories about where the artists’ find their inspiration and (my favorite) fabulous art.  I am excited to be part of such a wonderful group of artists.

 (Yep, only a few weeks left and my interview is still to come!)

Now, if you have missed any of the features or would like to see who inspires these artists, here’s your chance to catch up. Who knows, might even inspire you!

Here are the artists who have been featured since I last wrote about Mixed Media May:

Roben-Marie Smith
Melanie Douthit
Linda Barutha
Michelle Reynolds
Adeloa Davies-Aiyeloja
The Freckled Army by Elissa Brown
Kristy Christopherson
Holly Dean
Julie Hamilton
Michelle Turbide

As a reminder (or in case you missed my previous post), here are the artists featured at the beginning of the month :

Keep checking the MMMay website, it won’t be long til I am on the list too!

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2 Responses to Mixed Media May {in thirds}

  1. galyn says:

    I finally just today had time to look at all the artist’s pages you list. They are all inspiring and these for me personally were notable:Holly Dean-medieval images— I am a medievalist in any and all sense of the word. One of her paintings looks like light coming down from windows set high up on a wall in a castle; Old Stile Press–impressed with their work in general–Linda Baruth–the piece with the angel with a mother-of-pearl buttons and that gold/cream and white roses skirt would make a beautiful quilt print— Julie Hamilton–she has even used cereal boxes–I never thought of that- I have cut them up to make stencils out of– Elissa Brown-she uses CAULK !! I have uses for that–I need to repair the piece I did in High School of Edward the Black Prince on red velvet and that would work !! — Linda Kinnaman “The excitement for me is to take a discarded or unwanted item and create something new and special out of it.”
    I am a scavenger and recycler–
    always have been–I picked up a discarded gun cabinet once, painted it pink, got new drawer knobs,added tile for a plant to sit on and more shelves. It fit right into a place where I needed
    exactly that piece of furniture. I’m always looking at things with an eye to ‘what can that become? and I’m always picking up things people throw down and see no further use for.

  2. Rachél says:

    I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the interviews, Galyn!

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