Top 10 Inspirational Tips for Living like a RockStar

My 300th post! Yay!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and music is the key to the soul.  If that is at all true, I hope these pics taken at a concert I recently attended will speak to your soul.

I ended my week by joining a handful of friends for the Ted Nugent, Styx, and REO Speedwagon concert. This isn’t necessarily my list of go-to music, but I was indulging my inner groupie. And looking for an adventure!

The concert was a blast. I had so much fun taking photos. But what I really loved were the lessons I felt like I was learning from these rock legends. And I couldn’t wait to come back and share them with you.

Top 10 Inspirational Tips for Living like a RockStar!


1. The World is your stage, own it!


2.  Don’t just show up for the money. Give the world something worth listening to. (This moment captures REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin very eloquently and passionately sharing a call to action with the crowd. His message: We all have something valuable to express and the world would be a much better place if we made room in our hearts to listen to one another. This was the highlight of the concert for me.)


3. Be the RockStar that lives in your heart. Don’t be small about it. Exude it!


4. When in doubt, keep your head down and focus on staying with the groove.


5. Look for moments when the music stops, when the crowd is roaring so loudly that it almost sounds like the hum of silence. Slip quietly into the shadow, acknowledge the beauty of the in-between, and prepare for the next great adventure.


6. Sometimes following a dream and building a beautiful home life can make you feel like you are two different people.  Get in touch with what you value and what is ultimately important. And above everything, make sure YOU are on that list!


7. If you love to drum, drum fearlessly. If you love to sing, sing fearlessly. If you love to get your groove on, get your groove on…you got it….fearlessly!


8. Don’t just make great music, SHARE great music.


9. Celebrate what you have accomplished.


10.When life gets bumpy, rock-n-roll! (Even though Ted Nugent walks with a cane off stage, you would never know it when he is on stage. He gives 110%.)


And One to Grow On (because it is my favorite): Don’t be afraid to close your eyes,fully open your heart, reach out and touch the light.

So now you know some of the best kept secrets for living like a RockStar.

Now go out and be fearless.


For more pictures from the concert, visit my Flickr set.

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10 Responses to Top 10 Inspirational Tips for Living like a RockStar

  1. pkasallis says:

    Rachel, I LOVE this post!!! This sums it up beautifully, and the pics are most definitely worth thousands of words (but I’m glad you added your own!!!!)

  2. Kelley says:

    Ted Nugent was the first concert I ever saw (waaaaay back in 1970-something)! I just love your list!!!

  3. Rachel, Loved it!!!! Definitely Inspirational.

  4. lisa haradon says:

    Wonderful!! Such an inspiring post; amazing pictures and beautiful words:))

  5. The bottom line for these two concerts was that Ted Nugent wanted to rock. He felt like unleashing his musical spirit and annihilating anything that got in his way, and he did exactly that.

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