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Everyday is an Opportunity


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To Hibernate in Summer

We all know the bear hibernates in Winter. They nestle up in their dens creating new life, embracing re-creation.  Perhaps you have even heard it said that Winter is the perfect time to go inward for yourself. “Be like the … Continue reading

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Choosing Grace

I was sitting with a couple of friends a few days ago at the bookstore when a group of young men began discussing the idea of divine grace. One explained to the other that grace is what is given when … Continue reading

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Night Light {camera toss}

Several months ago I invested in a new camera. I love it!  It has been a catalyst for getting me out in the world and has made me fall in love with nature in a new way.  Just before I … Continue reading

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Touch the Moon

I started watching the skies when I was a little girl.  I would take my blanket out to the front yard of my parents’ house in the country and look up at that huge field of openness that spread out in … Continue reading

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Sharing the Caring

The SumMEr of Me is coming together beautifully.  Renee Burke has a bouquet of loveliness planned for you – nearly 40 artists coming together to give ideas, tips, and stories about making self-care a practice in your life. I will … Continue reading

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Treasure Keeper {favorite posts of old}

I have been thinking back over the two years I have been writing and am amazed that in that amount of time I have published over 300 posts.  This weekend my fingers kept coming back to the keyboard as if … Continue reading

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Summer of Me {and you too}

I have just returned from an evening with a few of my friends. We were celebrating Summer Solstice. We began the circle by exploring what the solstice meant to each of us. Everyone had a different answer. For me, the seasons … Continue reading

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Creative Clearinghouse

Some of the most memorable moments of self-discovery for me have come out of a class, workshop, or while reading a book. I think we set ourselves up for transformation (if even just a bit) when we invite learning into … Continue reading

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Cultivating Silence

My brakes went out in my car this weekend.  How do I know?  They screamed like a howler monkey on the downward slope of a roller coaster!  So embarrassing. Headed down the street, every head turned to see the spectacle. … Continue reading

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