Very Inspiring Blogger Award {a gift}

Gifts come in all matter of shapes and sizes. Some, like the ones you get on your birthday or holidays, are expected. Others arrive out of the blue and have the power to blow you over. Being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award was one of the blow me over gifts!

The nomination came from Cyn of Everything Under the Sun.  Cyn and I have been following one another’s blogs for a relatively short time but have had some great connections. I feel extremely honored to have had my blog recognized, but even more so with it coming from her. Thanks, Cyn!

The rules for receiving “the very inspiring blogger award” are tell seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

Let the fun begin!

1st Random Thing:  I love watermelon and my cat, Schatzie, goes crazy when I make  a bowl of it. If I don’t save a bit for her, she cries and paces until I give in.

2nd Random Thing:  I always give in.

3rd Random Thing:  I do funny voices. In fact, I am kind of known for them….in some circles. Last week, one of the ladies I worked with in my last job said how much she missed me and that the thing she missed most was the funny voices I made. When I told my husband, he revealed he has been thinking if my art biz doesn’t work out, I could become a voice actor. hmmmmm.  I am hoping the art biz works!

4th Random Thing:  We had a drought last summer. It was so bad that some of the grass in the yard died. I missed the green so much that I have forbidden anyone from cutting down our wild sunflower plants (they are more like bushes now). I think some people think of them as weeds, but my spirit has needed them.

5th Random Thing: I have a crush on Dr. Oz.  (Did I say that out loud?!)

6th Random Thing:  I washed my hair this morning but it looks like I haven’t washed it in a week. Greasy!  From what? Massage!!! Yep, I give ’em and get ’em!

7th Random Thing:  I am dreaming about a bowl of watermelon right now!

Who Inspires Me? Here are a few!

Findind1sself: Rosemary is one of my dearest friends in life and on the internet. She  exudes inspiration and helps this site be all it can be by offering consistent, unyielding encouragement and enthusiasm!

Bug Barn Studio:  Mary Cottingham is a Fly Tribe artist who lives on a farm and shares her life through photos, stories, and simply fun-tastical art. She always lifts me up!

Walking in Beauty: Joss, a self-proclaimed Crowing Crone, is wise woman extraordinaire. She shares her love of life through word and image and never fails to make me supremely grateful to be a woman who is growing day by day closer to the realm of cronehood.

The Urban Hippie: Lauren is a photographer who captures everyday life and filters it through her own unique view of the world. She probably has no idea the impact her blog has had on me. I view from afar, quietly. Sometimes exquisite things can only be taken up in small bites. My favorite of her posts is Eva’s Living Museum. (If you click through, get ready to have your mind blown away in sublime goodness!)

There are so many more that inspire me but I will stop there and let these speak for me today. I hope you enjoy them and allow them to be your gift from me. 


About Rachél

Hi, I am Rachél.... the quirky, big-hearted soul behind Creativity Tribe, a sanctuary for your creative spirit. As a life coach and artist, I know the importance of community, celebration, and transformation. Creativity Tribe is abuzz with connections to other creative bloggers and offers tips and stories to inspire your creative lifestyle!
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3 Responses to Very Inspiring Blogger Award {a gift}

  1. Wow, congrats on the award, you are so very deserving… and you and your blog are very inspiring for countless others. I am near tears with your acknowledgment… thank you and that means more than I could ever express in words. Love u Sistar

  2. Pingback: Inspiration & being Inspired- Wow, Priceless !!! « Finding1sself's Blog

  3. Cyn says:

    You are so welcome sweetie:)

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