What-a-Week {from dollies to Dali}

I am reeling in the best way. This last week looked like so much of what I have been wanting on my journey from 9-5 employee to SOUL proprietor. It all just clicked. In fact, the whole month was that way. All the parts seemed to come together in the most beautiful alignment. Let me tell you all about it! And please, hold out for the end. The end = a doosie!

For Starters

First there were the camps. I taught a week of drama camp early in the month and a three day art camp at the end. Oh, and not just any art camp, Art Doll Camp!  It was tons of fun for the kids and tons for me too!

For one of my favorite doll projects, I used an altoid tin and shrinky dinks.

My Doll House

The Kids’ Doll Houses


Art Shows

The beginning of July saw the close of my first art show as an individual artist. Taking the show down was as exciting as putting it up. The owner of the tea house asked me to do another show in May of next year. Lovely!!

That art show was certainly a high point, but perhaps even more thrilling than that was participating in Studio40, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Art Museum of South Texas.  I have spent over a decade, on and off, teaching art and drama classes there.  With that has come a host of memories and a real fondness for the building.

As part of the celebration, the Art Museum invited local artists to donate works of art for auction.  I was excited to help and enjoyed the festivities.  The night included getting to see lovely art, crazy awesome food, and an interactive art wall.

I donated the piece in the upper right hand corner.

It tasted as amazing as it looked!

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

If all that wasn’t enough, the pentacle of my week came when I stood alone in the gallery at  the museum, looking quietly at my art on its walls.  I turned, scanning the room to see the various works and my eyes landed softly on a black and white line drawing. I glanced down at the label and was stunned.  Having worked in an art museum for so many years, you begin to get a feel for the work you might find there. Local names, regional names, names from the permanent collection. And every once in awhile you come across a name that nearly anyone would know. But you don’t ….or I don’t…. think about having my art showing in the same gallery as some like that.  Like Dali.  But like I said, What-a-Week!

About Rachél

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3 Responses to What-a-Week {from dollies to Dali}

  1. Congratulations on creating your wonderful magical amazing Art Life!

  2. Galyn says:

    Go girl! I’ve been to Amon Carter and Kimball many times–saw Stroganoff exhibit at Kimball etc–but never been to your local art museum. It looks interesting. I’d have been shocked too, to find my art in same room as a Dali. You are making things happen. Taking bull by the horns at this point in your life with wonderful results.

  3. Sofia says:

    How amazing! You are living proof that dreams come true!! You are doing it Rae!!!

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