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Making Time for Making Art

Excuses, Excuses I don’t have time to be an artist.  It is an excuse I have heard myself throw out on occasion. And perhaps, depending on what life event is spinning out of control, it might sometimes be accurate….but.  Often, … Continue reading

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Detours Happen: Reframing the Creative Process

I am sure you have heard the sayings… Say what you mean, and do what you say. I try to live by that.  Honesty and accountability can get you far in life.  But I think these ideas must be tempered … Continue reading

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The Artists Guild

Seems my blog world has just pleasantly collided with my Polyvore world. Polyvore is the place on-line where I make the bulk of the images for Art of Collecting Yourself. My Polyvore name is Rashamaria. You will see that name … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Dance

Somewhere along the course of exploring my sense of wellness during the Celebration of Wellness Blog Party, I discovered a corridor of forgotten dreams.  And to be honest, some of the dreams were new to me, so far from my … Continue reading

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It Must Be Love

A few months ago, I discovered a site which allows you to use images from around the Internet to create collages.  I decided to give it a go, and now I am in love…with Polyvore. Milestone! by Rashamaria on … Continue reading

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Dark Side Art

A big portion of my art featured so far has been created using the technology of Polyvore.   Polyvore is an interesting universe where lovers of visual culture come together to spin images found on the net into new creation. … Continue reading

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FIVE Not-So-Secret Steps to Awesome Collage

One of the things that has made my blogging experience so amazing is interacting with the cool people who drop by. This morning I found a comment from Maggie Jordan asking about the images on Art of Collecting Yourself.  It … Continue reading

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PEACE TALKS: Portraits of Peace in Word

The year 9-1-1 happened, I found myself on a 27 hour journey to the Washington, D.C. a week after the attacks.  I was going there to attend the Prayer Vigil for Peace. This was my first trip the capital, a … Continue reading

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Friendship: A Light in the Darkness

Some years ago, my friend Jessica gave me a little bundle of candles tied together with a cloth ribbon.  I loved them because they were from her and because it felt comforting to look at them there, ready to give … Continue reading

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Cycle of Creativity: Living in the Rhythm

For most of my life, I have been invested in creativity.  My mother often told the story of me performing at a year old.  I went on to take ballet in kindergarten and starred in my first play in second … Continue reading

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