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Perhaps Our Story Will Change

What story shall we tell ourselves today? Will it be the same old tale that leads to the same destination we have been trying to get away from for the past several weeks, months, or years? The tale in which … Continue reading

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Connected in a Big Way {Remembering my Peak Experience}

I have been thinking a lot lately of a peak experience of mine that took place about 10 years ago. It happened in Sedona on our way up Schnebly Hill Road a few months into my separation from my first … Continue reading

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The Storyteller’s Daughter: Revisited

Last year for Halloween, I celebrated by weaving together a scary story. The story comes out of my father’s love of storytelling. I spent the afternoon with him today and remembered last year’s tale. So I have dusted it off … Continue reading

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My Life as Harry Potter

Sitting in the movie theater last night with the 3D glasses hiding my I-Can’t-See-Without-Them glasses, I watched as the epic tale of Harry Potter and friends came to an end. From the moment the movies started years ago, I felt … Continue reading

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Inspiration Station

This little film inspired me today.  It helped me to understand that the tiniest shift in perspective can make a world of difference.

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First Dates and Life Mates

When I first got into the art scene, I was all about finding my voice, expressing my inner feelings, and encouraging other women to embrace their creativity. The artist I hung out with were women.  The subject matter was mostly … Continue reading

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Bathes with Cats

I saw a cat walk on water today.  I was in the tub…water hot….meditating.  Well, actually probably still sleeping.  I looked up and Schatzie (not the thinnest or most nimble cat in the world) was nearly perpendicular to the tub … Continue reading

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Friendship: A Light in the Darkness

Some years ago, my friend Jessica gave me a little bundle of candles tied together with a cloth ribbon.  I loved them because they were from her and because it felt comforting to look at them there, ready to give … Continue reading

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Doodle Moment {Mom’s Message}

The other evening as I sat down with a new pen to fill my first page of a fresh journal, I remembered my first memories of creativity.  In the late afternoon, just before Dad would come home from work, Mom … Continue reading

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Storytime: The Travelin’ Medicine Show Man

My husband, Eric Payne, is an artist who loves stories.  I have invited him to spin his tales with pictures and words here at The Art of Collecting Yourself.  I hope you enjoy his creativity as much as I do.Here … Continue reading

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