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Heart Notes: From Lonely to Love

I love traditions. So I decided to start a few at Creativity Tribe that I want to make sure you don’t miss out on.  Join the Creativity Tribe Party Line, a monthly call-in series that focuses on creating a transformative … Continue reading

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Sure Miss Seeing You

Before you leave, head over to my new website. That’s where all the fun is.

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Cultivating Silence

My brakes went out in my car this weekend.  How do I know?  They screamed like a howler monkey on the downward slope of a roller coaster!  So embarrassing. Headed down the street, every head turned to see the spectacle. … Continue reading

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Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood

One of the many big reveals I made at the end of April was that I will be teaching, along with a fabulous team of artists, at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat in April of 2013.  I can’t tell you … Continue reading

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Sick Day in the Studio

One of the bonuses of having my own business is getting to carve out time for what really matters.  Yesterday, I celebrated that aspect of my soul proprietorship by watching my nephew, Katin, while he was staying home sick from … Continue reading

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Fly Tribe Shoe Shots Blog Hop

Shoes, oh my gahd shoes (for all you Liam Sullivan fans.) Who doesn’t love shoes? Shoes are expressive, practical, can make or break an outfit, and can even tell a story.  The shoes I chose for the Fly Tribe Shoe … Continue reading

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Art Retreat {for one}

The last several weeks ZAPPED my energy. I am not sure if it is because I had been going strong and am just coming through the natural cycle of creativity or if arriving at the 5 month mark since starting … Continue reading

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Artist Date for Four: Carnival Caravan

I live with three other artists, so when one of us has a craving for something fun, it isn’t difficult to find someone to play with. This weekend, my roommate Lisa was jumping to go to the carnival. So like … Continue reading

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Curiosity Quest: Juice Feast

Big, quick change in my world.  At the beginning of the month I started my Curiosity Quest to see where my relationship with fruits and veggies might go if I got more curious about them.  This happened at the same … Continue reading

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Show and Tell: Rigorous Self-Love

Earlier this week as I began to contemplate the connection between personal transformation and mental wellness, I kept being drawn towards the concept of self-love.  Self-love is a concept I have placed at the capstone of my healing journey.  If … Continue reading

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