Creativity Tribe

Finally, Creativity Tribe has a home!

Head over to the website for new blog posts, our Faces of Creativity Tribe Wall, and lots more yumminess. If you have found a home here over the last couple of years, I hope you will relocate with me for more goodness. The journey has just begun!

It’s a space for dreams come true!

8 Responses to Creativity Tribe

  1. Sofia says:

    i can ‘t wait to see this manifest!

  2. I believe that you and I are going to get along just fine! We are advocates for the same thing ” create something soul{full} and re{creative}, where people interested in cultivating meaning making through the arts and lifestyle might find a sanctuary for their creative spirits.” I love what you said right there. I hope you have a wonderful day *warrior bow*

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  4. I’ve just “liked” you on facebook! Looking forward to see what you reveal in the fall 🙂

  5. I’m grabbing a button, Rachel! I’m anxious to see what you develop! ;-))

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