Where Dreams Live

I talk about dreams a lot. I have always been a dreamer, imagining the great What if’s in life. In my early 20’s I envisioned a life for myself that included speaking at conferences, being a published author, teaching at retreats, sharing my art with others, and creating meaningful experiences where they might get in touch with the creative spirit within. The dream was so big that it always accompanied doubt.

Today, I am sitting on the threshold of a new place in my life. I am doing my dream. Now, I get to do it better and begin envisioning the next big What if’s.

I invite you to step through the doorway with me for the this part of my journey. I have created a space with room to grow, room to stretch, and room for big parties. It’s the new home of the Creativity Tribe. The website I have wanted for over a year is now a reality!

Dreams do come true!

Click on this image to visit the new home of Creativity Tribe.

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Making the Leap {you & me}

I am feeling a bit emotion during this post. Yep, there they are, the tears. This is my 353rd post in 26 months. I didn’t know I could write that much or that consistently. The tears, you must be wondering why?

Well, from day one, I knew I had a dream to fulfill that this blog would be a stepping stone to. My dream was to have a website, to offer my art, workshops, information about retreats I was teaching, and to create a space where people might want to engage their creative nature, safely, but with a kind of gusto you only find when you feel inspired. And yah, I wanted to be part of that inspiration.

Well, this blog has fulfilled its calling. In a few days, Sunday to be precises, I am launching my website. I am smiling now, thinking of it.

It isn’t ready. I still have lots to learn and add and ….learn. But it is coming together and as I learn to build it, more ideas about what it could be are forming.

The tears are back. But they are good. They are about rich gratitude for those of you who have been following me along on this journey. For those of you who have trusted me to speak some morsel of truth every once in awhile. For those who read in quiet and don’t say much, who offer “likes” occasionally or who tell your friends about me. For those who get me. For those who feel a connections.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart for joining me, supporting me, and celebrating me on one of the most exquisite journeys of my life.  You are why I do what I do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE witnessing people daring to create. It is one of the bravest, most beautiful, most moving, most ALIVE things I know of!

I hope you will make the leap with me to my website. You will get to see it in its infancy, all wrinkly and crying for a bottle. But before long, it will be entertaining you and helping get connected to your own new ALIVEness.

To keep up with my adventures over the weekend, you can join me on the Creativity Tribe Facebook Page. I will post updates there on my trip to Austin where I am meeting with the folks at WP Engine as part of Startup Training School’s ONE K in 1 Day challenge to help 1000 women (yep, I am one of them) publish their own websites. It is all kinds of empowering!

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Note to Self

The stretch to publish my website, now just days away, has me doing a lot of positive self-talk practices. All sorts of gremlins can rise up in hopes of bringing me down. But I know better than to give in, the prize is in sight!

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Touch the Moon {sign up}

When you imagine bringing more creativity and inspiration into your life, you probably imagine doing it with an intimate group of people who have an affinity for the special parts of life that others seem to overlook. Am I right?

Perhaps you have wanted an experience like this but didn’t know how to create it for yourself.  Maybe you even wished for it but never quite saw it cross your path.

You wanted something to gently guide you along a path of self-discovery but didn’t want self-help written all over the package. You just wanted to connect with life as a way of connecting with yourself.

Touch the Moon e-course was designed with you in mind.  

I have created an intimate gathering of creatives who are bonding around the cycles of the Moon. Together we are exploring the symbolism, story, and mystery of the Moon while gently delving into our creativity and intuition.

We would love for you to join us.

I am closing the group at the end of the day on September 3rd. That means it is not too late for you to dive into this unique opportunity for bringing a bit of meaning and magic into your life.

Interested in Touching the Moon with Rachél Payne?



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Ah Musing

As an artist, I am always in pursuit of a muse, something that pulls the creativity out of me and sends me breathlessly to the page or canvas. In mythology, a Muse often comes wrapped in gauzy garb, hair flowing, a sweet talking vixen. But what shape does the Muse take in the real life world?

I have seen Muses in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and packages.  My cats are often my Muses. They crack me up and make my heart soar with gratitude. They are my teachers and my playmates.

My friends are my Muses. Serious or playful. On for the camera or caught in thought.

One of my favorite Muses is my husband, Eric. We met each other eight years ago this month and talked that first evening of art and creative living. He is beyond all people the one who inspires me and brings me day in and day out to my creativity.

But even without any of these Ah-Musing Muses, I know I can depend on myself to find ah-musement. It is never further than looking inward.

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Keep on Grooving

With Touch the Moon e-course successfully launched, I am turning my attention to the big website publishing event for women that is happening September 9th….Startup Training School’s ONE K IN 1 DAY.  There is a beautiful story here that I want to share with you but know in doing so I risk sounding like a whiny baby.  But the truth is tech stuff sends me to the corner with my thumb in my mouth sometimes. I figure though, if I can crawl out of the corner enough times and figure out where the help might come from, maybe I can make progress.


That paid off today. Last night, I hit the corner, tears and all. Frustrated by the woman on the other end of the phone when I went to my web host to ask for help, I desperately posted in the ONE K IN 1 DAY Facebook group. By morning, I had a loyal circle of women pulled in around me, helping me find my way to peace again.

It didn’t take long for one of the ladies in the group to walk me through the trouble I was having with my website. I quickly moved from desperation to deep gratitude. I spent the afternoon exploring the theme I chose, getting my bearings, and filling in some of the spots I knew what to do with it.




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Winners’ Circle

Touch the Moon e-course is quickly cruising towards its beginning.  When I looked up at the moon tonight, she was laying back with her feet kicked up in the stars like she was just waiting for us to catch up with her.

I am excited to announce the give-away winners for the three spots in the Touch the Moon e-course.  I am looking forward bringing them into the circle of Moon Gazers gathering this Monday to journey through the next three full moons together.

Congratulations to Cat, Dawn, and CottageWytch Alchemyst.

I would also like to welcome Danni who won the give-away over at the Domestic Pagan.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you soon!

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