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Creativity Zones {letting go}

My journey to become a Creative began with carving out a space for creativity in my life. It started with a closet, big enough to meditate in or sit and draw in. Eventually, as creativity became a bigger part of … Continue reading

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Sick Day in the Studio

One of the bonuses of having my own business is getting to carve out time for what really matters.  Yesterday, I celebrated that aspect of my soul proprietorship by watching my nephew, Katin, while he was staying home sick from … Continue reading

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Inside Creativity Tribe Studio {On a Roll}

There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t understand the desire to create something and the feeling of immobility that sometimes blocks us from moving forward. That is where I have been for awhile.  Sure I might have gotten … Continue reading

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Art Retreat {for one}

The last several weeks ZAPPED my energy. I am not sure if it is because I had been going strong and am just coming through the natural cycle of creativity or if arriving at the 5 month mark since starting … Continue reading

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What’s Inside Box Number One {or Big Bertha Revealed}

You know how it is when you have a pile of to do lists stacked up on your desk and the only thing you really WANT to do you just can’t do until that stack gets smaller?  Well, this week … Continue reading

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Shared Abundance {or A Visit from Big Bertha}

When someone in your family is enthusiastic about a certain way of life, the other people can’t help but have a bit of that interest rub off on them. Take for example the son whose love of basketball keeps his … Continue reading

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Creativity Zones: Creating a Workable Mess

I am not a neat freak, but boy do I have an appreciation for people who excel at being tidy. I don’t live in simplicity. An eclectic atmosphere is more my style. It stimulates my senses, energizes my imagination, and … Continue reading

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