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Celebrating Creativity Tribe: 500th Post

Earlier this week I announced over at Creativity Tribe that I was celebrating a year since fleshing the blog out into a website.  Doing a quick calculation of the numbers, I quickly realized I was one post shy of 500! … Continue reading

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The Fly Life {the difference a year makes}

Today, I have been looking back over the last year, reminiscing. About a year ago, I made a decision that has changed my life.  It all started with an inkling of disappointment.  I had been writing posts for my blog and … Continue reading

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Treasure Keeper {favorite posts of old}

I have been thinking back over the two years I have been writing and am amazed that in that amount of time I have published over 300 posts.  This weekend my fingers kept coming back to the keyboard as if … Continue reading

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Me at 43 {part two}

For more fun facts and stories visit :   Me at 43 {part one} and Me at 43 {part three} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12. I live on the coast, and although I don’t LOVE the beach, I use it when stress is high and I … Continue reading

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Orange You Glad You Chose Handmade?

Something a little different for the day: a handwritten blog to remind you to make your holiday handmade. Related articles Think Handmade for the Holidays (craftzine.com) New Black Friday Join Me (simplycelebrate.net) Handmade Holidays (sewmod.wordpress.com)

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{First Fifty} A Heap of Gratitude

When I first started the blogging journey, I jumped in only to find that I needed to learn to swim.  Over the course of this last year, I have learned more than I thought I could…about the internet, about networking, … Continue reading

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Cultivating ART-itude

I have a daily ritual that includes beginning and ending my day by thumbing through some of the blogs I subscribe to.  I have a reader app on my phone that puts them right in the palm of my hands. … Continue reading

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