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Start Your Holiday Season with an Intentional Art Circle

Do you get bogged down during the holiday season from adding another to-do to your already enormous list? When someone asks you how you are, do you answer back by telling them you are crazy busy? Do you find it … Continue reading

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Connecting: The Journey Inward Mirrored Outwardly

I blog for several reasons.  Among the strongest pulls towards the blogging culture is connecting with others like me.  With that in mind, I love doing challenges.  Not only do they stretch me, but they introduce me to new, wonderful … Continue reading

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Sharing Myself with the World

You would think after over a year of blogging about myself and my creative path, that I would have shared most of my creative interest, but that is very far from the truth.  Every day, I discover something that I … Continue reading

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With Creativity Comes Growth

If you make a practice out of engaging your creativity, you understand that with creativity comes growth.  It is inevitable, because with creativity comes facing and moving past those things that might want to keep you down.  I hope you … Continue reading

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Friendship: A Light in the Darkness

Some years ago, my friend Jessica gave me a little bundle of candles tied together with a cloth ribbon.  I loved them because they were from her and because it felt comforting to look at them there, ready to give … Continue reading

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