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Breaking News!

I am going to be taking a break for a few days. No worries, all is well in my world…and then some.  But I didn’t want to disappear without letting you know.  I will be dreaming about the details of … Continue reading

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Choosing Grace

I was sitting with a couple of friends a few days ago at the bookstore when a group of young men began discussing the idea of divine grace. One explained to the other that grace is what is given when … Continue reading

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Word Trixie {Limericks}

I was never big on structured or formatted poetry. I like the wide, open possibility of free verse.  Besides, I was never much for figuring out puzzles, and that is exactly what structured poetry feels like.  But something changed recently. … Continue reading

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Let that Little Light Shine

What is it about a candle that can so instantaneously lift a mood or make a regular moment seem special? My artist hubby and I were talking about Joseph Campbell last night over dinner, and he shared that he had … Continue reading

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Practical Magic by Moonlight

Welcome to my little party.  I say little because this is a party for two that I am letting you peek in on.  You see, seven years ago tonight, I met my artist husband under a full moon while camping … Continue reading

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