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One Bite at a Time {on how to eat an elephant}

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!   That is how I have been approaching the development of my creative arts biz.  You see, my dreams are big. Yep big!  Sometimes the bigness of my dreams … Continue reading

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First 100 Days of Flight: 1-10

When I began thinking about stepping out of the payed-by-others world and into the make-my-own-way world, I had a band of encouragers rooting me on.  Some had taken a leap much like mine and others confessed to wanting to do … Continue reading

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The Story Beneath: Discovering the Creativity World

I had just turned twenty and could feel myself coming out of the fog that was adolescence and arriving with wide, curious eyes at the mouth of a great river which promised to lead me into the adventure of adulthood. … Continue reading

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