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Celebration of Wellness Details

Celebration of Wellness by Rashamaria The Celebration of Wellness is a collaborative blogging series.  This challenge partners the Wheel of Wellness, a holistic model of wellness which explores seven areas of life, with a Creativity Mandala that features a variety … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What burden do you wish to put down?

Winter Wishcast by Rashamaria on Polyvore.com With the Winter’s most powerful storm knocking at our back door, there is a thrill that joins the growing chill in the air.  Living in the American South, I have rarely seen snowfall.  Twice … Continue reading

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Paint and Paper for Lunch….yummmm

My Touch Drawing Art Lunch…table for ONE Guided hands reach inward to the landscape of the psyche, inviting what rests there to burst to life on the quietness of an empty page.         Earth woman moves in … Continue reading

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FIVE Not-So-Secret Steps to Awesome Collage

One of the things that has made my blogging experience so amazing is interacting with the cool people who drop by. This morning I found a comment from Maggie Jordan asking about the images on Art of Collecting Yourself.  It … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Full Wolf Moon

Earlier this month, I began the process of gathering to me the images that would lead me through the coming year. This has been one of my personal ritual for years now. I comb through magazines, let the pieces rest…then … Continue reading

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Celebration of Wellness Blog Party UPDATE

Last week I unveiled plans to host my very first Blog Party….a blogging series centered around a Celebration of Wellness.  As it stands,  the party is growing nearly every day. For the project, I am encouraging the Creatives (that’s YOU) … Continue reading

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Following in her Footsteps

Irene left town several months ago and has been traveling the world with her family. That is the focus of her blog, The Travel Creatives. But it isn’t just a travel blog. Irene blends her love of travel with a curiosity about the culture of creatives. She looks for people who are living their lives with flair and makes mini-documentaries about them.

But, that isn’t all. You see, I think those two things might be enough to read Irene’s blog, but what is the kicker for me is that her story is inspiring. She is making her dreams come true. And not only does she invite us along for the ride, but she shares with us the tools she uses for doing just that.

So after my visit with Irene about the life of our blogs and how our blogs could help each of make our dreams come true, I was JAZZED. I was ready to make a big leap in my life because I had seen that taking risk and expecting miracles helped her get where she is and where she is going. And her future is BRIGHT! Continue reading

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