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A Gentle Reminder

Take time today to tell your loved ones that they are loved. Take time to see and connect with the person who takes your order at lunch. Slow down enough to listen. Don’t keep pushing others out of the way … Continue reading

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Dream Time Visitor

Swirling around in my head this last week has been dizzying dance between the chattering voice of Criticism and the soothing song of Self-Love.  At one time in my life, I might have included a committee of moderators on my … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Dance

Somewhere along the course of exploring my sense of wellness during the Celebration of Wellness Blog Party, I discovered a corridor of forgotten dreams.  And to be honest, some of the dreams were new to me, so far from my … Continue reading

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Full Cold Moon Dream Board

I have just returned from my back yard. The moon dances out her strip tease aided by a veil of clouds. The Earth’s shadow still sweeps across her surface.  I was mesmerized. Coming inside, I turn inward. Here is that … Continue reading

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Measuring Up….thoughts about weight loss.

Welcome to the playground, kids!  This is where I have been hanging out.  Over here, we have the see-saw…and over there, the merry-go-round…there is the slide….and there, the swings. This last year, I have been working on losing weight.  And … Continue reading

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A Taste of Nia

How about a little taste of Nia?  After my last entry where I talked about the healing I received from doing Nia years ago, several people asked for more information about it.  Here is a quick video that shows a … Continue reading

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Back to Fit

A few years ago, I bought a bike…well, really more of a trike…a recumbent.  And started riding.  A few months into riding, I hurt myself after taking on one of our cities biggest hills.  My back hasn’t been the same … Continue reading

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