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Touch the Moon {now open}

You are cordially invited to the opening the new Touch the Moon website. It is the home of an e-course by the same name and the home of one of my biggest, dearest dreams. I have created a space on … Continue reading

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Thinking of You {a cheer}

I was thinking of you today. Thinking about how easy it is to get off course. There are those moments when we lose track of where our heart sees us going. With one beat, we are moving towards life’s sweet … Continue reading

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In Bloom

My studio feels like it is in bloom…and so do I.  Tomorrow I head to the Festivial of the Arts in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. The event site was abuzz today with artists, crafters, and on-lookers, everyone preparing for the … Continue reading

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New Heights, Dreams in Sight

If you have been around here very long, you might have noticed that I haven’t made very many videos. Well, I was so excited today that I couldn’t contain myself. I had to tell you in my own voice just … Continue reading

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Cultivating ART-itude

I have a daily ritual that includes beginning and ending my day by thumbing through some of the blogs I subscribe to.  I have a reader app on my phone that puts them right in the palm of my hands. … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Via Prezi!!!

Full Buck Moon Dreamboard This afternoon, I attended a workshop that invited us to look at our life map and to flesh out the goals we have for ourselves.  The presenter used an awesome new online tool called Prezi.  Felt … Continue reading

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#30Trust Day 8: My Heart’s Desire

Last night, I joined a 30 day project that encourages you to cultivate self-trust by responding to prompts offered by thought leaders. The prompts are inspired by the writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Today’s prompt from Mary Jaksch asks…What are … Continue reading

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Dream Time Visitor

Swirling around in my head this last week has been dizzying dance between the chattering voice of Criticism and the soothing song of Self-Love.  At one time in my life, I might have included a committee of moderators on my … Continue reading

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Adornment as Adoration

The Universe ate my blog last night.  So I practiced a bit of self-care and got some well needed sleep before trying my hand at it again.  It is exciting to see the Valentine’s slowly coming in.  (You can find … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to dare?

Sometimes wishes lay gently upon the heart inviting the heart to take them in like seeds for the bloom.  And the heart, being fearful and weary dries up that first layer earthiness to keep the dreams for rooting. If we … Continue reading

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