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Connecting the Circle: Others Gettin’ enLIGHTened

The biggest joy in blogging for me is building community, connecting to other Creatives and helping them to connect to one another. That is why the Illuminata Intentional Art Circle has been so exciting this year. Not only have I … Continue reading

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Let that Little Light Shine

What is it about a candle that can so instantaneously lift a mood or make a regular moment seem special? My artist hubby and I were talking about Joseph Campbell last night over dinner, and he shared that he had … Continue reading

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Illuminata Intentional Art Circle

As the year comes to a close, we are facing the growing busy-ness with mindfulness and creativity. Join the circle, and feel the peace of connecting with what matters. Illuminata Intentional Art Circle is happening right now. To learn more … Continue reading

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First 100 Days of Flight: 21-30

Every 10 days for the First 100 Days of Flight as a creative arts entrepreneur, I will pull excerpt from my journal to share with you.  I will include my hopes, fears, goals, set-backs, and victories.  Some thoughts will be … Continue reading

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The Art of Play

What a beautifully busy day! I got so much done in so many areas of my life. Some days the ability to push ahead just seems to come easily. At the days end, I figured I would head up to … Continue reading

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Media Fast for Making More Art

  Media Fast…Making Art by rashamaria on polyvore.com Media Fast… no Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Internet, or TV I will check in with you all in a few days. I am diving into my studio to crank out some art. I … Continue reading

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Intentionally enLIGHTen Your Life with Art

I became an artist through the back door.  Up until my early twenties, I had no idea that art would be on my life path.  Then, life took a quick turn in college when I had to take an art … Continue reading

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