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Staying in the Game

This afternoon, I was reading a blog post by my friend Bunny from The Mighty Bunny in which she shared about a little note her son’s teacher sent home on a turtle shaped piece of paper.  Bunny talked about the … Continue reading

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Getting my Tweak On!

About a month ago, I overheard one woman talking to another at the cafe.  I was sitting by myself, drawing, and as my mind will sometimes do, it wandered in and out of their conversation. Imagination by Rashamaria on Polyvore.com … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to begin?

Blogging Bliss First Year by Rashamaria on Polyvore.com Today is the beginning of a new year for my blog.  When I started out, I wondered where in the world I would go with it.  I knew it needed to center … Continue reading

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It has been nearly a year since I finished my graduate degree.  Time flies when you are working hard at what you love.  Although my career as a mental health professional is designed to assist others in transforming their own … Continue reading

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My Wish for the World

With the world’s attention rightfully focused on the disaster in Japan, I am not surprised by Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt.  I am, in fact, grateful for it.  Wishcasting has been my weekly practice for nine months or so.  In … Continue reading

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You Say Toe-May-Toe, I Say Toe-Ma-Toe

I live in a little cottage home with my husband and another family made up of a mother and her grown son.  We are a happy, the four of us.  We share nearly everything, food, household goods and chores, a love … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What burden do you wish to put down?

Winter Wishcast by Rashamaria on Polyvore.com With the Winter’s most powerful storm knocking at our back door, there is a thrill that joins the growing chill in the air.  Living in the American South, I have rarely seen snowfall.  Twice … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to enjoy?

Transformation by Rashamaria Let the WISHING commence! I wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight… Over the past 5 months, I have have come to know the strong SENSE OF SELF that comes with regularly … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Full Wolf Moon

Earlier this month, I began the process of gathering to me the images that would lead me through the coming year. This has been one of my personal ritual for years now. I comb through magazines, let the pieces rest…then … Continue reading

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Wishcasting Wednesday: What hunger do you wish to feed?

Wishcasting Wednesday beckons once more, asking tempting little questions of the big desires of my heart. Madame Ridler riddles those who would dare to dream with tantalizing teasers and invites us to go inside and see what we might find.

This week she asks…What hunger do you wish to feed? I am digging in deep for this one, friends. Going into the woods where it is dark and scary, but where hope whispers from the mist that rises out of its center to comfort my anxiety.

You see, I stand on a ledge between two things that line up with matching energies for me. One is of the past, and one, of the future. And they both have to do with adoption.

When I was a baby, my birth mother gifted me with my forever family. My mom and dad made a life for me that has made me the person I am today. May I say, good job, folks! And as pleased as I am about the quality of my life, I have always HUNGERED to know my roots. I have always HUNGERED to look into another’s face and see my own.

On the other side is the part of me who HUNGERS to be a mother. I have spent time in the past actively pursuing this desire, but have not yet been blessed with a child. There have been times when that was an ache in my soul. But today, the ache has healed. And yet, the HUNGER is still there. As this new year turned, I felt the desire rise up in me again. It is in the fore front of my mind once more. And until tonight, I haven’t looked at it head on.

So these TWIN HUNGERS send me reaching out to the mother of my past and to the child of my future. I don’t image this will be settled anytime soon, but tonight, I claim it. Loud and clear. I AM SEARCHING for my PACK! Continue reading

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