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Super sARTurday!

I used to do art workshops at the Art Museum of South Texas with kids on Saturdays and once a month we had a big day filled with projects, story, and a bit of make believe. I tried to make … Continue reading

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Possibility Surfing

What is it about September that feels so inspiring?!  Is it the beginning of a shift in weather, the fact that from here you can see the holidays just at the end of the block?  Or perhaps that you know … Continue reading

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Staying in the Game

This afternoon, I was reading a blog post by my friend Bunny from The Mighty Bunny in which she shared about a little note her son’s teacher sent home on a turtle shaped piece of paper.  Bunny talked about the … Continue reading

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Full Moon Fabulosity

Each Full Moon I do a dream board.  This moonth, the image I have created is a representation of the growth I am going through.  I feel myself cocooning in the silence of becoming.  I am content to be here … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard

Full Moon Dreamer by Rashamaria featuring a silver heart ring This month’s dreamboard is about old business.  Part of it reflects a quickening desire to wrap up some loose ends with my career studies.  It means shifting out of my … Continue reading

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