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Moon Gazer

Maybe you can relate to this… Some time ago I looked at my life and knew I wasn’t living in a way that was purpose-full. I didn’t have direction, I wandered aimlessly around, sort of mindlessly going through the motions. … Continue reading

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Touch the Moon {now open}

You are cordially invited to the opening the new Touch the Moon website. It is the home of an e-course by the same name and the home of one of my biggest, dearest dreams. I have created a space on … Continue reading

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Touch the Moon

The Heavens were spectacular last night. The Moon stole the show! She stepped out in front of the black velvet curtain, sang her silent song of adoration and basked in the glory of the ovation offered by the stars. I … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dream Board

Do you remember what wishing was like when you were a kid?  I wished on all kinds of things: an eyelash recovered from my cheek then blown off the end of my mother’s pinkie, a necklace when the latch found … Continue reading

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Red Moon on the Horizon

Last night, the beached called me to visit, so I hijacked my husband and roommate for a whirlwind trip to the shore.  The heat of the day had retreated and sitting on a picnic table under the stars, I took … Continue reading

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Via Prezi!!!

Full Buck Moon Dreamboard This afternoon, I attended a workshop that invited us to look at our life map and to flesh out the goals we have for ourselves.  The presenter used an awesome new online tool called Prezi.  Felt … Continue reading

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Full Moon Vision Board

I kept my vision board simple this month.  I placed in a house that reminds me a bit of my own.  We have been making progress on helping the house transform into the home we want it to feel like. … Continue reading

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