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Heart Notes: From Lonely to Love

I love traditions. So I decided to start a few at Creativity Tribe that I want to make sure you don’t miss out on.  Join the Creativity Tribe Party Line, a monthly call-in series that focuses on creating a transformative … Continue reading

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Inside my ReTREAT {sand mandala}

Engaging the Senses The sand in my sand mandala is cool. It waits for me to visit it on days when I wish to climb into a smaller world. It offers tiny stones, branches, shells and bones to create ever-changing … Continue reading

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SumMEr of Me {logo design}

I have been having so much fun with Renee Burke’s SumMEr of Me.  What a wonderful way to infuse self-care and self-love into your Summer! Grab a Button…or TWO! Would you like a reminder on your blog to keep yourself … Continue reading

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Breaking News!

I am going to be taking a break for a few days. No worries, all is well in my world…and then some.  But I didn’t want to disappear without letting you know.  I will be dreaming about the details of … Continue reading

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Summer of Me {catch up}

We started this season out with a big commitment to self-care, stepping into our own SumMEr of Me.  My Fly Tribe sister, Renee Burke is having a huge celebration of SuMEr Care over at her blog, Happily Ever After. As … Continue reading

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Hello Weekend

My weekends have been kaddywonker for several months.  Having my own business means I am my own boss and get to make my own schedule, so I try to make my work days match my hubby’s.  That usually means having … Continue reading

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Cultivating Optimism

I had a childhood friend who always smiled, cracked jokes, and looked on the bright side.  I didn’t understand her. For me, life was scattered with difficulty and steeped in moodiness. That is not to say I didn’t have moments … Continue reading

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April Fool!

Yes, I am an April Fool.  I don’t mind much. I love to play, so what better time to be born than in a month that celebrates humor. Yeppers, not only am I an April Fool, but I am also … Continue reading

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A Gentle Reminder

Take time today to tell your loved ones that they are loved. Take time to see and connect with the person who takes your order at lunch. Slow down enough to listen. Don’t keep pushing others out of the way … Continue reading

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Curiosity Quest: Juice Feast Day 3

Lots of people on the planet today are juice fasting, some might even be calling it a juice feast.  This isn’t a new concept, folks have been doing it for a very long time.  But recently, with the release of … Continue reading

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