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Giant Ginger Yumminess!

This summer my friend Maiah Albi, who I have written about before, started heating things up at our favorite cafe with good eats. It started out with cake things and bar things and moved into MY thing….you got it! Those munch, crunchy yummy oh’s that make my mouth salivate in ovation! But that is not all. They are made with REAL food. And one of them, which anyone who has hung with me at Calypso Cafe will know, has become my favorite cookie of all-time (uuhhh, except for Mom’s Monster Cookies)…..Maiah’s Ultimate Ginger Cookies. Let me throw on my best valley girl speak and give a great big OMG to Maiah for her execution of taste in these sweeties!
But the taste isn’t main thing tantalizing me into these tempting treats, these cookies are vegan. So I can have my cookies and eat them too….without feeling guilty. They make my heart happy in two ways.
Well, I am not the only one who knows something good when she tastes it because Maiah recently received props for this lip pleasing confection. She took first prize in the Eat Healthy Your Way Holiday Cookie Contest. Congrats you creative culinarian!
For a peek at Maiah’s other yummies, check out her blog http://maiahintexas.blogspot.com/. And stay tuned for Momma’s Monster Cookies. They will make a great Halloween treat. Continue reading

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